Things To Do in Besiktas Neighborhood


Istanbul Besiktas Neighborhood

Things To Do in Besiktas Neighborhood of Istanbul

Istanbul Besiktas neighborhood is located at the most beautiful spot of the Bosphorus. Besiktas is right in the middle of Dolmabahce Palace, Barbaros Avenue and Ciragan Palace triangle. Considered as one of the major hubs of Istanbul, Besiktas is bustling with people all-day-long.

People who live in Istanbul’s Asian Side come to Besiktas by ferry, in order to reach their offices in Levent, Maslak, Etiler areas. Barbaros Avenue connects the seaside of Besiktas with popular shopping malls, university campuses and plaza buildings.

Besiktas is like a bridge between the Istanbul Old City and Bosphorus villages. Travellers who wants to enjoy the beauty of Ortakoy, Bebek, Rumeli Hisarı areas, pass through Besiktas junction.

Besiktas is a place that blends the old and new, history and today. You may see palaces, mosques and tombs left from Ottoman period as well as modern plazas, shopping malls and restaurants.

History of Besiktas Neighborhood

Besiktas had taken his name from an old legend. It was believed that Jesus Christ’s cradle brought to Constantinople from Bethlehem.

One of the churches of Besiktas neighborhood had obtained its pieces. Afterwards the holy relics had been moved to Hagia Sophia, the main church. However they all stolen when Constantinople was sacked by Latins during the IV. Crusade.

Besiktas was also known as “Diplokionion” meaning two pillars. This was referring to the two long pillars at the Besiktas’ pier to tie up the ships.

Things To Do in Besiktas Neighborhood

  1. Besiktas Fish Market
  2. Besiktas Bosphorus Shores
  3. Dolmabahce Mosque
  4. Dolmabahce Palace
  5. Ciragan Palace
  6. Yildiz Palace
  7. Besiktas JK Football Club Museum
  8. Istanbul Maritime Museum

Places To Visit At Istanbul Besiktas Neighborhood

Besiktas is known for historical palaces, waterfront pavillions as well as social activities. The most luxurious restaurants, delicious cafés and 1st class night clubs of Istanbul majorly located in Besiktas.

  • Besiktas Fish Market

Besiktas Market is bustling with the people all day. The restaurants, cafeterias, shops are mainly gathered in Beşiktaş Çarşı. Çarşı is the gathering place for Besiktas JK football team supporters before the games.

  • Besiktas Bosphorus Shores

Besiktas is literally located in the best area of Bosphorus. The waterfront cafeterias and restaurants provides a great view of the sea. Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Tomb and Istanbul Maritime Museum attracts the attention.

  • Dolmabahce Mosque (Bezmialem Valide Sultan)

Dolmabahce Mosque is a distinctive building located next to Dolmabahce Palace. Dedicated to the mother of Sultan Abdulmecid who built the Palace. Mosque reflects the late Ottoman architecture with its baroque, neo-classic features.

Istanbul Besiktas Neighborhood

Dolmabahce Mosque (Bemialem Valide Sultan Mosque)

  • Dolmabahce Palace

Ottoman Sultans had lived in classical Topkapi Palace for nearly 400 years. Finally they moved to Dolmabahce Palace in 1856 following the decision of Sultan Abdulmecid.

Dolmabahce Palace has a splendid view of Bosphorus. Decorated with most precious candeliers, furnitures and objects of 19th Century. Nowadays, the Dolmabahce Palace operates as a museum. You can check this article for visiting information: Dolmabahce Palace Entrance Fee.


Dolmabahce Palace Museum

  • Çırağan Palace (Ciragan Palace Kempinski)

Ciragan Palace is one of the 19th Century palaces of Ottoman Empire. (There are totally four Dolmabahce, Çırağan, Yıldız, Beylerbeyi) Smaller than the Dolmabahce Palace, yet very impressive and charming. Located by the Ortakoy Neighborhood of Besiktas.

Ciragan Palace had been a victim of a fire in 20th century and severely damaged. It stayed as a ruin for some time. Eventually Kempinski Group hired the building and made a big restoration. Nowadays Ciragan Palace is functioning as the Ball Room of Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel.

Istanbul Besiktas places to visit

19th Century Ottoman Palace

  • Yıldız Palace And Şale Pavillion

Yıldız Palace is located within a big park. It’s one of the 19th Century Palaces of Ottoman Empire. However Yıldız Palace is not exactly like other late Ottoman palaces. This one contains three separate buildings: Mabeyn Pavillion, Şale Pavillion and Malta Pavillion.

It’s a great relief to walk around the gardens of Yıldız Palace and see it’s pavillions. Yıldız Palace and the park make locals feel as if they found an oasis in the desert. Considering the busy traffic and noisy streets of Istanbul, it’s a quick escape to nature.

  • Besiktas JK Football Club Vodafone Park Stadium

Besiktas Vodafone Park has one of the best location in the World as a stadium. Located nearby Dolmabahce Palace, the stadium has the Bosphorus view. Surrounded by Swiss Hotel, Hilton, Ritz Carlton and Macka Public Park.

The stadium is completely rebuilt in 2015. Nowadays it’s a complex that has nice restaurants and cafés inside. There is the Museum of Besiktas JK soccer club inside the building. Being the most successful club of Turkey for recent years, BJK has an increasing popularity for football fans.

Vodafone Park Stadium Located in Dolmabahce, Besiktas

Istanbul Besiktas Restaurants

Besiktas JK Vodafone Park Stadium

  • Istanbul Naval Museum

Istanbul Naval Museum depicts the development of naval equipments in Turkish history. You may see splendid royal boats that had carried the Ottoman nobles in past times. Ottoman Sultans had been making a sea journey very often from Topkapi Palace (Sultanahmet area) to the Golden Horn, Beyoglu, Besiktas areas in the past.

Where To Eat in Besiktas? Restaurants & Cafes

Besiktas has a variety of eating choices for every budget. Some of the restaurants in Top 10 list. Some of them cheap and yummy local places.

Restaurants Nearby Bosphorus With Sea View

There are luxurious restaurants located nearby Bosphorus like Vogue, Hanedan, Aqua.

Local Restaurants With Middle Range Prices

There are also middle priced cafeterias and local restaurants. Balkan Lokantası, Sıdıka -Turkish Meze- Restaurant, Kebapçı İskender.

Delicious Small Places

There is also some little yummy spots that only locals know. For instance if you like Turkish Doner Kebap, Karadeniz Pide Döner By Asım Usta is a little delicious shop. There is always a long line in front of the shop, to grab a little Doner Sandwich.

There is also Pando Kaymak, literally the best place to experience what a Turkish Breakfast is!

Best Hotels in Istanbul Besiktas Neighborhood

There are mostly luxurious and expensive hotels within Besiktas Neighborhood. These recommended hotels are in the top 10 list of Istanbul for many people. They are obviously expensive but very modern and comfortable places. On the top of everything, they have a great view of Bosphorus.

  • Conrad Istanbul Hotel

Conrad is perfectly located place. It’s a very popular hotel especially for those who visit Istanbul for business purposes. It’s in the middle of Barbaros Avenue, which connects the Bosphorus with plazas and commercial buildings.

People who has business contacts in Levent, Maslak, Sariyer; might choose this hotel. Because it’s very easy to reach to these areas.

Business in the daytime and relaxing at the evening. Hotel is located within a few minutes taxi ride to popular areas like Ortakoy, Bebek, Ulus, Etiler. Best night clubs, pubs and restaurants of the city located in these places.

  • Four Seasons Istanbul At The Bosphorus

Four Seasons group had restored the Sultanahmet Prison around 20 years before. The old prison became a 5 stars hotel and won the Best Hotel of Europe award for two times. Following this great success, Four Seasons wanted to open another hotel.

They chosed to be the Neighbor (and rival) of the best hotel of Istanbul: Ciragan Palace Kempiski. Nowadays Çırağan Palace and Four Seasons Bosphorus, located very near to each other. Considered as the gems of Bosphorus. They both renovated late Ottoman palaces and providing a historical accommodation experience with the view of Bosphorus.

Istanbul Besiktas Hotels

Four Season Hotel At The Bosphorus

  • W Hotel Istanbul

W Hotel Istanbul is truly charismatic hotel. It blends the comfortable 5 stars hotel luxury with modern decoration & arts. The W Hotel building was originally an extention of Dolmabahce Palace. The row of houses used to be the home of palace workers.

The buildings reflects the 19th Century Ottoman architecture. They were successfully renovated and became a stylish hotel. The W Hotel makes you feel that you are special.

  • Shangri La Bosphorus Istanbul

Shangri La is located in a very nice spot. It’s the neighbor of Dolmabahce Palace and Istanbul Maritime Museum. Located right next to the Besiktas Pier as well. The Shangri La hotel vicinity is a place you may experience the local life and energy.

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