Istanbul Naval Museum Entry Fee and Hours


Istanbul Naval Museum

Istanbul Naval Museum Entry Fee and Hours

Naval sector has always been an important endeavor for Turks since the early stages of Ottoman Empire. This museum, located in Besiktas district, is worth to see because it gives you a chance to witness all the changes and improvements throughout history by examining military and civil marine equipments. As hosting more than 20.000 pieces about military and civil marine, it is a unique place that sheds light on Turkish naval history.

Brief information about the Museum

The Naval Museum serves under Istanbul Naval Forces Command. The exhibition building of the museum has three floors and located in an area of 1500m2. Saloons in exhibition area are named after wind directions.  More than 20.000 pieces of imperial caiques, ship models, paintings, riggings and triremes are exhibited in exhibition building and yard.

History of Istanbul Naval Museum

Istanbul Naval Museum is one of the most essential museums of Istanbul. At first, the museum was opened in 1897 by order of Hasan Husnu Pasha, first lord of the admiralty. One of the buildings located in Shipyard of Ottoman State was turned into a museum as a result of the efforts made by Lieutenant Suleyman Nutku and Colonel Hikmet Bey.

The museum was redesigned in 1914 by order of Cemal Pasha. Ali Sami Boyar, a lieutenant and a painter, became the head of restoration group and the museum was designed as a modern building.

At the beginning of the World War II, pieces of the museum were transferred to Anatolia for protection and they were moved to their original places one year later after the war ended. In 1961, the museum was moved from Kasimpasa to Besiktas Square where it serves today.

Istanbul Naval Museum Main Collections

There are several collections exhibited in Istanbul Naval Museum. Although most of these collections are about marine and maritime sector, there are many different pieces that illuminate their periods of time.

In the section of Belongings of Ataturk, there are some belongings that he used in yachts called Ertugrul and Savarona. In addition to this, you can see correspondences and objects about the studies in the field of maritime by the order of Ataturk.

In the section of historical caiques, you can see caiques that once upon a time was used as a transportation vehicles between two sides of Bosphorus. Especially, imperial caiques of sultans and notable people of the palace stand out. Different caique models such as triremes, lifeboats and pinnacles are exhibited in this collection.

In the section of textile&weaving works, uniforms that mariners used are exhibited. In the same section, you can see banners, flags and rugs used in ships. If you are interested in military history, you should definitely take a look at this section.

In the section of metal works, there are guns, navigation instruments, lights, watches and thermometers. You can see original coins and banknotes in this section, as well.

In the section of paper works, there are warrants, imperial orders and handwritten papers about maritime. In addition to these archival documents, you can see photographs and certificates.

Istanbul Maritime Museum located in Besiktas

Istanbul Naval Museum Entrance Fee

Istanbul Naval Museum

Why Should You Visit the Museum?

Katip Celebi, the great Ottoman mariner, is one of the first figures who mentions the idea of modernization. As a matter of fact, naval sector was not just a military area in Ottomans. Mariners were the ones who communicated with the other world outside of Empire and Ottoman Empire got to know Western Civilization through mariners. In this regard, Ottoman navy has a big role in Turkish modernization.

The Museum is not just a place for mariners and people who are interested in maritime. There are unique pieces that illuminate the historical developments processes of Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. As one of the oldest museums in Istanbul, The Naval Museum functions as a substantial source of information. You should visit this museum if you are interested in history.

Istanbul Naval Museum Entrance Fee 2020

The entrance fee to the Istanbul Naval Museum is 10 Turkish Liras for adults. This museum is operated by the Turkish Naval Forces and cannot be entered with Museum Pass Istanbul.

In addition, you need to pay an extra price of 20 TL for taking pictures and 40 TL for taking videos. It is also possible to benefit from the audio guide service for 25 TL.

Istanbul Naval Museum Opening Hours 2020

Istanbul Maritime Museum can be visited between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays and between 10:00 and 18:00 on weekends. The museum is closed on Mondays. One hour before the closing of the museum, ticket sales stop and no new visitors are accepted.

Vitising times of museums in Istanbul may change due to events and renovations. Before going to the museum, I recommend you to visit the official website of the Istanbul Naval Museum and review the latest situation.

Where is Istanbul Naval Museum and How to Go There?

Istanbul Naval Museum located in Besiktas district. It’s easy to get to the museum from Uskudar and Kadikoy (Asian Side neighborhoods) by ferry. Because the museum is located very near to Besiktas Ferry Station. Tourists who stay in the hotels around Barbaros Avenue (Mecidiyekoy, Sisli, Taksim) can easily reach the museum.

If you staying in Sultanahmet (Istanbul Old City), you can take Bagcilar-Kabatas (T1) Tram T1 Line and get off at the last station, Kabatas, and then you can take a short taxi ride or even walk from there.

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