Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Architecture and History


Ortakoy Mosque at the Bosphorus

Ortakoy Mosque Architecture and History

Ortaköy Mosque is considered as the jewel of Bosphorus due to its location and architecture. Located in Ortakoy Neighborhood which is just next to the Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia, this mosque provides great opportunities for those who enjoy taking travel pictures.

Ortaköy Mosque is built by Sultan Abdülmecid in 1854. Dedicated to its founder, it’s also known as Büyük Mecidiye Mosque.

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Interior

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Interior photos

Istanbul Ortaköy Mosque interior. © Serhat Engül

View Of Bosphorus

The splendid view of Bosphorus can be seen from its broad windows. Therefore it provides unworldly worshipping experience for the Muslim visitors of Istanbul. Furthermore the interior of the mosque is always bright with the sun rays glowing through those large windows. It allows you to take excellent interior photographs.

Several masterful examples of Turkish calligraphy hanged on the interior walls of Ortaköy Mosque. These handicrafts are executed by Sultan Abdülmecid himself, who was also an ingenious calligrapher.

These distinctive features makes the Ortaköy Mosque a must for the visitors of Istanbul.

Ortakoy Mosque Dome

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Dome photos

Elegant interior decoration of Istanbul Ortaköy Mosque. © Serhat Engül

Ortaköy Mosque Architecture, Interior Decoration Photos

This eclectic Baroque mosque is the work of Ottoman architect Nikoğos Balyan. Nikoğos was a scion of the famous Armenian family of imperial architects.

Balyan family served Ottoman royalty for 18th & 19th centuries. Their elegant palaces, pavillions and mansions adorned the Istanbul’s Bosphorus shores. Among their prominent works; Dolmabahce Palace & adjacent Dolmabahçe Mosque, Beylerbeyi Palace, Çırağan Palace, Nusretiye Mosque. The classy Justice Tower of Topkapı Palace also rebuilt by them.

Ortakoy Mosque Exterior

Ortaköy Mosque is also known as Büyük Mecidiye Mosque.

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque view from the Bosphorus

Ortaköy Neighborhood & Bosphorus Area

Ortaköy literally means “the village in the middle” due to its unique location on the European Bosphorus shore.

Ortaköy square is a popular meeting and strolling place for the locals. It provides a cozy atmosphere with its lovely boutiques, waterfront cafés and restaurants.

People of Istanbul usually come to Ortaköy to have a breakfast, hanging around its spacious square and stroll through its alluring street market.

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque is Located in Ortakoy Neighborhood By Bosphorus

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque located in Ortaköy Neighborhood.

Ortaköy Mosque is symbol of Ortaköy Neighborhood.

Istanbul Ortaköy Mosque Opening Hours & Visiting Times

Istanbul mosques are usually open to visit from 9:00 a.m. untill 6:00 p.m. except for praying times. Mosques are closed 30 minutes prior to call to prayer. Non-worshippers are not alowed during the prayer as well. Then it’s re-opened after the praying process.

Praying times dramatically change from one season to another. Because it’s depending on the lenght of the day. So you have to check praying times from your hotel desk, before you schedule your visit for Ortaköy Mosque.

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