Best Places to Eat Kokorec in Istanbul


Best Kokorec Places in Istanbul

Places to Eat Kokorec in Istanbul – Taksim, Old City, Asian Side

Kokorec is made of spring lamb’s intestine and it’s highly nutritious and delicious food. However, it requires good skills to prepare it well. Therefore, chefs who can cook delicious kokorec are famous in Istanbul.

There are two versions of kokorec: Istanbul style and Izmir style. Izmir style kokorec is sliced after it’s grilled but it is not chopped. Instead, the meat is cut into small pieces with a knife. Istanbul style kokorec, on the other hand, is chopped thoroughly and mixed with tomato.

The fans of any kind of food always search for the best places to eat their favorite dishes. Formerly, I’ve tried to guide doner and kebab lovers about where to find the best places in Istanbul. In this post, you will find the best kokorec places in Istanbul. Good appetite!

Best Kokorec in Istanbul European Side

  • Sampiyon Kokorec – Fish Market/Beyoglu

Sampiyon Kokorec is the symbol of kokorec in Beyoglu and it still welcomes its regular and new customers in its place at Fish Market. Sampiyon Kokorec has numerous branches all over Istanbul and it aims at opening more branches as part of its network growth strategy.

The story of Sampiyon Kokorec dates back to 1962 when a small shop at Fish Market was opened by two brothers and Sampiyon Kokorec still maintains high quality in its every branch.

Kokorec is cooked on specially designed grills that distribute the heat evenly and no extra fat is added to meat here. However, a special spice mixture is added to meat at Sampiyon Kokorec.

In addition to kokorec, you can find Turkish sausage sandwich, mackerel, head and foot soup, intestines, stuffed and fried mussels, and lentil soup.

Sampiyon Kokorec is located on Istiklal Street (next to Cicek Pasaji). The Beyoglu’s Fish Market can be found on the opposite side of the Galatasaray High School (remarkable building in the neighborhood)

Best Kokorec in Beyoglu Fish Market

Best Places to Eat Kokorec in Istanbul

Sampiyon Kokorec

  • Mercan Kokorec – Fish Market/Beyoglu

The first branch of Mercan Kokorec was opened in Buyukada (Prince Island) in 1960 and it has more than 150 workers today at its branches in Istanbul and Mercan Kokorec is where kokorec and fried mussels met for the first time. Mercan Kokorec has 5 branches in Kadikoy and 2 branches in Beyoglu.

Mercan Kokorec has added fresh fish options to its menu lately and it is one of the most popular kokorec places in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

Best Kokorec Places in Taksim, Istanbul

Best Kokorec in Taksim

Mercan Kokorec

Both Mercan and Sampiyon kokorec places are located in the historical Beyoglu Fish Market. You can see the Fish Market on your right as you walk from Taksim Square towards Galata Tower (on the Istiklal Street).

  • Ozzie’s Kokorec – Beyoglu

Ozzie’s Kokorec has been in service since 1968 in Beyoglu’s Dolapdere and kokorec is served in other ways apart from sandwich. When you are at Ozzie’s Kokorec, you can watch your meal being cooked before your eyes.

Kokorec and sweetbread meet here and you can have it as 2 or 3 rings portion. Moreover, in addition to kokorec, you can find special Turkish sausage and hot dog in Ozzie’s Kokorec’s menu.

  • Ozen Kokorec – Ortakoy

Ozen Kokorec is located on Dereboyu Street, right across Ortakoy’s famous waffle and kumpir (baked potato with fillings) shops. It was opened in 1972 and has been in service since then.

Apart from kokorec cooked on a grill, you can have kumru (Turkish sandwich with tomato, cheese and sausage), meatballs, stuffed mussel, and fried mussel. And Ozen Kokorec is regarded as one of the best places to eat kokorec in Istanbul.

  • Kral Kokorec – Eminonu

Kral Kokorec is located in Eminonu and it stands out as the best kokorec place in the Old City. You can have Izmir style kokorec at Kral Kokorec, which has become famous for its delicious kokorec. Unfortunately, Kral Kokorec has only one branch and you can have your kokorec on the stools outside the shop.

Best Kokorec Places in Istanbul Old City

Best Kokorec in Istanbul Old City

Kral Kokorec

  • Gala Kokorec – Sirkeci

The owner of Gala Kokorec entered business as a hawker and it has a lot of branches all around Istanbul today. Gala Kokorec uses the meat it produces in its own facilities and it has 14 branches in Istanbul, some of which are in Sirkeci, Umraniye, Sisli, Eyup and Besiktas. Gala Kokorec has one shop outside Istanbul, which is Bandirma branch.

Best Kokorec Places in Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Best Kokorec in Sultanahmet

Gala Kokorec

Best street food of Istanbul Old City can be found in the Sirkeci and Eminonu neighborhoods. Kokorec places close to Sultanahmet are located on the street between Sirkeci and the Spice Bazaar, where the iconic Grand Post Office building is located.

  • Kokorecciler Krali Zulfu Usta – Beyazit

Kokorecciler Krali is located at the entrance of Mercan Yokusu in Beyazit and you can often see kokorec lovers queuing up outside the shop. If you wish to have a quick bite while standing, you should definitely visit Kokorecciler Krali Zulfu Usta.

Despite long queues outside its shop, Kokorecciler Krali Zulfu Usta is quick at preparing orders. Here, kokorec is cooked on a wood fire and it’s served with tomato and pepper in a sandwich.

Best Kokorec in Istanbul Asian Side

  • Reks Bufe – Kadikoy

Reks Bufe offers kokorec in a casserole, kasseri kokorec in lavas, kokorec in quarter sandwich and half sandwich. Reks Bufe is located at the entrance of Kadife Street, Kadikoy’s famous “Bars Street’’. And Reks Bufe stands out as one of the best kokorec places both in Kadikoy and Istanbul with its different food presentation and delicious kokorec.

  • Gunes Kokorec – Uskudar

Gunes Kokorec is the place for both delicious and mild lamb kokorec and it’s located in Uskudar. Gunes Kokorec was opened nearby inter-city bus offices in Uskudar and has been there since 1974.

Gunes Kokorec is a small and shabby place where kokorec is served in bread toasted on the grill. This place is one of the place that boasts regular customers. It’s at the same time one of the best kokorec places on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Where to Eat Kokorec in Istanbul

Best Kokorec in Istanbul Asian Side

Gunes Kokorec

  • Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi

Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi is one of the most famous kokorec places on the Asian side and you can see a queue outside the shop at any time of the day. This place draws attention with its hygiene and delicious kokorec.

Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi was opened in 2007 and it brings kokorec from Balikesir and Izmir. Moreover, the thyme used at Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi is brought from Canakkale, while the pepper is brought from Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep.

Kokorec is cooked in oak coal and it’s served in bread cooked in a stone oven. You can also have stuffed mussel at Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi.

Cengelkoy Kokoreccisi has only one branch in order to maintain its high service and food quality.

  • Kokoretto – Kadikoy

Kokoretto is located in Kadikoy and if you wish, you can go for Izmir style kokorec here. Apart from sandwich, you can also have your kokorec served on a plate. Additionally, burgers are included in Kokretto’s menu.

You should note that Kokoretto is very busy daytime and the shop is closed at 8 p.m. Kokoretto is one of the places that foreign tourists show high interest. Therefore, it’s common to come across the images from Kokoretto on foreign tourists’ blog posts. Thanks to its fame both in Turkey and abroad, Kokoretto stands out as one of the best kokorec places in Kadikoy.

Best Kokorec Places in Kadikoy, Istanbul

Best Kokorec in Istanbul Kadikoy


  • Kokorecci Adem Usta – Kadikoy

You can have delicious kokorec on the stools at Kokorecci Adem Usta at Kadikoy dock. Kokorecci Adem Usta is one of the rare places where you can eat really delicious Izmir style kokorec and it offers quarter and half sandwich, wrap kokorec or kokorec on a plate. If you love kokorec, you should definitely try it at Kokorecci Adem Usta.

  • Beylerbeyi Pasa Kokorec Iskembe

Beylerbeyi Pasa Kokorec Iskembe is famous for thick tripe, trotter, and sheep brain soup and it’s located in Cengelkoy. In this place, kokorec is served as the main course and lamb kokorec is served in a casserole. It is served as chopped in big pieces with grilled pepper and tomato.

You can find any kind of giblets at Beylerbeyi Pasa Kokorec Iskembe, be it lamb brain salad, liver, sweetbread or kokorec. And it’s simply one of the best places to eat kokorec in Istanbul Asian Side.

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