Most Photographed Places in Turkey


Best Photography Spots in Turkey

Most Photographed Places in Turkey – Best Instagram Spots

As Turkey is home to numerous civilizations, it boasts a magnificent historical heritage. The lands of modern Turkey where various cultures existed is literally a cultural mosaic.

This seemingly cliché introduction surprises us once more when we look at the depth and variety of its historical richness. Here are some examples of cultural diversity in Turkey.

Most Photographed Places in Turkey

  • Edirne

Edirne used to be an important city in Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Empire era. Edirne was the city that connected Europe to Asia and it was where Anatolia (Asia Minor) met Europe. And Edirne used to be known as Adrianople.

When the Ottomans began to expand, they declared Bursa as the capital. However, during the third Sultan of the empire, Sultan Murad I period, Edirne was captured and it was declared the capital due to its geopolitical importance.

As it used to be the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, we can find mostly the works of the Ottoman Empire in Edirne. The most prominent of these works is Selimiye Mosque that Mimar Sinan built.

Many people that visit Istanbul assume that Blue Mosque is the biggest mosque in Turkey. However, Selimiye Mosque and Suleymaniye Mosque, which Mimar Sinan built, are superior to Blue Mosque both in terms of size and architectural features.

Edirne is one of the special cities to photograph the historical features of Turkey.

Most Photographed Places in Turkey

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  • Canakkale (Dardanelles)

In the epic written by Ancient Age’s most famous historian Homer, the “Trojan War” has inspired numerous plays and movies. As well as Achilles and Hector’s fight to death, the way the city was seized with a war trick (Trojan Horse) is equally interesting.

Trojan War that the whole world knows about took place in the northeast of Turkey, in Canakkale.

There are some other spots to take photos apart from Troy in Canakkale. The major spot worth visiting is the Temple of Athena at Assos. Moreover, Gallipoli, where the Ottoman Empire fought against the British, French and Anzacs (Dardanelles Campaign, WWI) is also important if you like photography.

 Best Instagram Spots in Turkey

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  • Ephesus Ancient City (Izmir)

Ephesus Ancient City has importance both in Ancient Greek and Roman Empire’s history. This city used to be the capital of the Roman Empire’s eastern provinces for the time being and it witnessed the most successful era of the empire.

The Temple of Artemis inside the ancient city is regarded as one of the most important spiritual centers in history. Today, Ephesus is one of the best ancient cities in the Mediterranean region and it’s an open-air museum that welcomes millions of people.

A visit to Ephesus will give you an amazing opportunity to take great shots. Library of Celsus, the most impressive building in Ephesus, tops the list of best places to take photos.

Instagrammable Places in Ephesus, Turkey



  • Oludeniz (Fethiye)

Beyond being a nice beach, the Oludeniz (the Dead Sea) is important in terms of being home to various species too. It’s one of the most unique natural formations in the world and it enables visitors the opportunity to swim in a pool alongside giant turtles. As its name suggests, there is no wind and waves in this sea that feels like a pool.

Oludeniz and its neighbor Belcekiz beach offer postcard like sceneries to take beautiful photos. In addition to paragliding, taking photos of parachutes is equally fun.

Most Photographed Places in Turkey

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  • Pamukkale (Denizli)

Pamukkale is one of the cities that definitely finds a place in the postcards about Turkey and it’s one of the most prominent icons of the country. It has a distinctive name that describes itself like the Oludeniz (Dead Sea) that we mentioned formerly.

This high cliff is covered with travertine and it feels like a cotton castle (Pamukkale translates into English as “cotton castle”). Moreover, it is not the only feature of Pamukkale. Pamukkale is also within the boundaries of Hierapolis Ancient City, which makes Pamukkale a lot more valuable.

While you enjoy the unique panoramic view that the snow white travertine offers, you can also take photos of the ancient theatre and the ruins in the ancient city. Therefore, it’s one of the most shared places on Instagram.

Best Instagram Spots in Turkey

Most Photographed Places in Denizli, Turkey


A Popular Place for Photographers in Turkey



  • Mount Nemrut (Adiyaman)

Thousands of people hit the road every year to watch the sunset from Mount Nemrut. This mountain is home to huge statues of mythological gods like Apollo and Zeus and it’s in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The mythological statues on Mount Nemrut were built by the King of Commagene, Antiochus I. The Kingdom of Commagene was stuck between the Roman and Persian Empire and the King of Commagene created a cult of himself and wanted to be worshipped as a god after his death. Therefore, he included his own statue among the gods he favored.

In short, Mount Nemrut offers a mystic experience and it’s one of the best places to take photos in Turkey.

Most Photographed Places in Turkey

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  • Antakya

Antakya draws the attention with its thousands of years of history and natural beauty. It resembles Mardin that is home to numerous cultures and religions. Antakya has been one of the key points of the trade in the Eastern Mediterranean area and it has become a melting pot of many different cultures.

In addition to being an important pilgrimage site for Christians, it stands out with the archeological ruins too and it’s a popular spot among photographers. The reason why it’s important for Christians is that it’s one of the five Patriarchates of Christianity that Emperor Constantine announced at the Council of Nicaea. The other centers are Rome, Istanbul, Jerusalem, and Alexandria.

Best Photography Spots in Turkey



  • Mardin

In Mardin, you can see the traces of various civilizations like Babylonia, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans. Churches, monasteries, mosques, and historical houses in Mardin make it one of the most popular spots for photographers.

As you walk on the streets of Mardin, you may feel like at Toledo in Spain, which is a very well protected Medieval Age city. The impressive atmosphere of Mardin stems from the fact that it houses numerous cultures that have blended in tens of thousands of years.

It can be easily said that Mardin is one of the most authentic and unique cities in the world, and it’s a highly popular place for photographers both from Turkey and abroad. Therefore it’s one of the Most Photographed Places in Turkey.

Where to Take Instagram Photos in Turkey

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  • Cappadocia (Nevsehir)

Cappadocia is one of the three most touristic places in Turkey and it attracts the most visitors after Istanbul. Cappadocia houses volcanic formations that evolved in thousands of years and it offers a beautiful architecture that looks like created by a skilled architect.

It’s a must do thing to take a walk in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. However, you shouldn’t miss two special activities to take the best photos here. One of these activities is climbing up the hill known as Sunset Hill and watching the endless valley and taking photos that it offers. And the other activity is taking a hot balloon ride.

Visitors take a hot air balloon ride in order to take great photos and it will definitely be an unforgettable memory and experience if you decide to take it too.

No doubt, Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful places to take photos in Turkey with its thousands of years of underground cities, fairy chimneys, cave hotels, and hills like Uchisar. If you are looking for more about Cappadocia, I recommend Things to do in Cappadocia blog post.

Most Photographed Places in Cappadocia, Turkey

Most Photographed Places in Cappadocia, Turkey


  • Istanbul

I’ve listed the city that attracts the most tourists and the most shared one on Instagram in the last place. Istanbul served as the capital of three big empires and it’s one of the most historical cities in the world. Therefore, it attracts millions of visitors every year.

Istanbul: A Bridge between Asia and Europe

Istanbul was founded as an ancient Greek city (Byzantium) in 638 B.C. and it became the capital of the Roman Empire in Emperor Constantine era. After the Roman Empire was divided into two, Istanbul became the center of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). Later, it was captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1453. As a result, Istanbul has been home to different civilizations and it has made Istanbul an open-air museum.

Istanbul is like a small model of Anatolia that connects Europe to Asia. It both divides the two continents and brings the seas together. The Black Sea has no exit point except for the Bosphorus and it is connected to the Mediterranean Sea and the oceans thanks to the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Old City Sightseeing

It’s possible to see the works like the Hippodrome from the Roman Empire era, or Hagia Sophia from the Byzantine Era in the Old City. Additionally, the structures such as Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace built in Ottoman Empire era are also in this area.

Istanbul offers a unique historical atmosphere as well as being a very active business and entertainment center. Therefore, Istanbul is the Most favorite city for the photographers in Turkey. Istanbul is heaven for both architectural and street photography as it has endless materials for photographers.

Istanbul Street Photography

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Panoramic Views of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city where churches, mosques, and synagogues are intermingled and even sometimes they can be found on the same streets. Therefore, it reflects the multi-cultural life of the empires that existed in this city. Moreover, Camlica Hill and Pierre Loti Hill offer a perfect view of the city and amazing photo taking chance.

Most Photographed Places in Turkey


Camlica Hill

Bosphorus Cruise Ride

No doubt, one of the best activities in Istanbul is a tour boat on the Bosphorus. You can take one of Turyol’s ferries or a “Sehir Hatlari” ferry and you can take great photos during your Bosphorus Cruise ride.

Best Walking Routes of Istanbul

On the other hand, Fener Balat neighborhoods that are becoming more and popular, draw attention with their colorful historical houses. In recent times, going to Balat for breakfast and taking photos to share on Instagram are other fun activities in Istanbul.

You are highly recommended to visit neighborhoods such as Kuzguncuk, Fener Balat and Sultanahmet in accompany with a private tour guide. Therefore, while you take amazing photos, you will have a chance to learn the history of these old neighborhoods thoroughly. Moreover, you can request information about special streets and locations to take photos.

Colorful Houses of Fener and Balat Neighborhood

Most Photographed Places in Istanbul, Turkey

Fener and Balat

Most Photographed Places in Turkey by Serhat Engul


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