Pamukkale Hierapolis Entrance Fee and Hours


Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City

Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City Entrance Fee and Hours

Pamukkale is one of the unique natural beauties of Turkey and it plays equally an important role in terms of history. Hierapolis, the ancient city in UNESCO World Heritage List, is located in Pamukkale district of Denizli and it’s a must-see place if you visit Turkey.

Information about Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City

Hierapolis Ruins is located in 18 km north of Denizli at Pamukkale, nearby travertines. You can also visit Necropolis, Cleopatra’s Antique Pool, and the Temple of Apollo in the ruins.

While you visit the Hierapolis Ancient City, you should pay special attention to the baths as they are crucial to understand the architecture and city planning of its time. Additionally, it’s important to note that the streets of the ancient city are well-protected.

The History of Hierapolis Ancient City

It is known that the city life in Hierapolis dates back to the period before Ancient Greece. The discovery of the Mother Goddess cult suggests that the history of the city dates back to the old Anatolian civilizations. At that time the city had not yet been named Hierapolis. However, we don’t have certain knowledge regarding the geographical area of the former ancient city.

Ancient geographer Strabo indicates that Hierapolis is located in Caria region, nearby Laodicea and Tripolis. According to Strabon’s works, the city of Hierapolis dates back to the Phrygians era.

Although the settlement in the city dates back to earlier times, it’s known that the city was officially founded by Eumenes II, the King of Pergamon and it was named after an Amazon queen named Hiera. The buildings, objects and other discovery in this ancient city prove that Hierapolis was an important culture and religion center.

The ancient city was built and designed in Hellenistic style and until an earthquake that took place in Emperor Neron’s era, it remained the same. After the earthquake, it was rebuilt in a Roman style and it turned into a typical city of Roman Empire. We should also add that Hierapolis was an important center during the Roman and the Byzantine Empire eras too.

It’s also believed that St Philip, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples, died here. Therefore, Hierapolis was an important holy site in the Byzantium era.

Things to See at Hierapolis

A Medusa figure engraved on the gate of the city welcomes you when you enter Hierapolis Ancient City. It’s known that this figure was used to keep the evil creature Medusa away from the city. Although there is no definite information about it, it’s believed that the use of evil eye bead in Turkish culture is based on this practice.

It’s known that the construction of the theater that has 9500 spectators capacity began in Emperor Hadrian era. Here, you can observe some statues and reliefs from the Hellenistic era.

Moreover, some unique examples of Pergamon art school can also be seen at this theater. Reliefs that you can see at Hierapolis Ancient City indicate that gladiator fights took place at this theater.

The Roman Theatre in Hierapolis, Turkey

Hierapolis Ancient City entrance fee

Ancient Theatre in Hierapolis

Were the Monks of Hierapolis Immortal?

Many historical sources that mentions Hierapolis include miracles that took place in this city, especially the temples here.

There were caves at the city that were believed to be the gates of hell. These caves were seen as the passages to the underground world and the animals that were about to be sacrificed would be taken down and they would die without any human contact. This phenomenon is explained by a poisonous gas released in the caves.

On the other hand, it was recorded numerously in historical resources that the monks going inside these caves to sacrifice animals would come back unharmed. Moreover, Strabo confirms this case and he narrates that the monks would put their heads inside the gate of hell and they would not be affected by the gas.

According to an article published in Archeological Sciences in 2018, this incident can be explained that the monks were aware of the chemical atmosphere in the cave. Pfanz, one of the co-authors of the article, explains that the monks knew that the gas they named as deadly breath would not go over a certain limit. The monks also knew at which hours the gas was intense and the limit it would reach. Therefore, they performed the sacrifice rituals accordingly.

Pamukkale Hierapolis Entrance Fee 2020

Entrance fee of Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City is 80 Turkish Liras as of 2020. Admission is free for children under 8 years. The price you pay for entering Hierapolis includes a visit to the Pamukkale Travertine Thermal Pools. The Museum Pass Turkey is valid in Hierapolis Ruins.

Pamukkale Travertine Thermal Pools

Pamukkale Travertines entrance fee

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Cleopatra’s Ancient Pool in Pamukkale

Pamukkale, also known as Cotton Castle, has Cleopatra’s Ancient Pool. The ticket price for Pamukkale includes Hierapolis Ruins, Pamukkale Travertines and Cleopatra Pool. The only place not included in the ticket is the archaeological museum. You can see the information about this museum in the following lines.

Cleopatra’s Ancient Pool in Pamukkale

pamukkale cleopatra pool entrance fee

Cleopatra’s Ancient Pool

Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Museum

Some historical monuments were found during the restoration in Hierapolis. The Archaeological Museum, which consists of 3 sections where sarcophagi, statues and ancient finds are exhibited, is located in the Hierapolis complex. The ticket price for Pamukkale Hierapolis Archeology Museum is 12 Turkish Liras.

Pamukkale Hierapolis Opening Hours 2020

Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City can be visited between 1 April and 31 October between 06:30 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening. Unlike many museums in Turkey, winter visiting hours in this museum does not change. Therefore, Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Thermal Pools winter visiting hours are the same.

Visiting times of the museum may change due to some events and renovations. So before you go, you can visit the official website of Hierapolis Archaeological Site to see the latest situation.

Pamukkale Hierapolis Ticket Price and Hours

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