Best Night Clubs in Istanbul, Taksim-Bosphorus


Best Places for Nightlife in Istanbul

Best Night Clubs in Istanbul – Beyoglu (Taksim), Nisantasi, Besiktas, Ortakoy

The heart of nightlife is in Beyoglu (Taksim), Sisli, and Besiktas neighborhood in Istanbul. In my former posts, I decided to write a few articles on the nightlife in Istanbul. In this respect, you can read the other posts titled Best Jazz and Blues in Istanbul, Best Bars in Istanbul and Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul.

In this post, the priority will be given to the places with a Bosphorus view of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul. Naturally, the best nightclubs in Istanbul are the priciest ones. However, it won’t be wrong to say there is a place for any sort of budget to enjoy the nightlife in Istanbul. I hope this post will help the ones who are in search of a high-quality place to spend good time in Istanbul’s nightlife.

The Best Night Clubs in Istanbul 2020

  • Sortie Club – Kurucesme/Ortakoy (Bosphorus)

Alongside a great Istanbul view, you can enjoy Sortie Club, which is composed of 7 restaurants and 3 bars, in Kurucesme (nearby Ortakoy). It’s where people meet for good food, good music, and good entertainment.

Sortie, founded in 2012, stands out as a point where people meet on a 3500 square meter area. In summer months, its 7 restaurants offer the best examples of the world kitchen while Sortie Restaurant serves its guests in winter months.

Sortie Club always catches the latest entertainment trends in the world and offers great fun all year long. Sortie Club houses various activities enlivened by guest artists and the most popular contemporary music, which makes it one of the best nightlife places in Istanbul.

Best Night Clubs in Bosphorus, Istanbul

Best Nightclubs in Istanbul

Sortie Club

  • Banlieue 6080 Night Club Istanbul – Harbiye (Sisli)

The suburb of Istanbul, Banlieue 6080 was opened where a summer place, Cahide ONS in Macka used to stand. The garden of Banlieue, a popular place for the nightlife in Istanbul, is decorated with high walls made of bamboo sticks that are covered in liquid gold, golden tables and chairs, serves as “Banlieue Gold”. The original decoration is in Harbiye with its “gold concept” food presentation.

  • 360Istanbul – Istiklal Street (Beyoglu)

360Istanbul is located upstairs of Historical Misir Apartment, which has been awarded internationally in numerous departments thanks to its atmosphere and rich menu.

In 360Istanbul, you can enjoy different cocktails and music while you can watch a mesmerizing Istanbul view, which makes 360Istanbul an important place for the nightlife in Istanbul.

360Istanbul has another branch in Izmir that brings famous artists and DJs from abroad for its visitors. The place turns into a nightclub after 22:00 with its live shows on weekends.

Best Night Clubs in Istiklal Street, Istanbul

best night clubs in Taksim Istanbul


  • Cahide Cabaret – Harbiye (Sisli)

Cahide Harikalar Diyari welcomes visitors with its new concept under the name “Cahide Muzikhol” after it proved to be successful in the entertainment sector. Cahide Cabaret is at Harbiye in Sisli. You should note that you need to make a reservation in advance.

Cahide Cabaret offers a fixed menu and you can find such classical Turkish delicacies as fresh appetizers, home-made dishes, and shish kebab.

Cahide is one of the few representatives of ‘drag queen’ culture with its sublime performances. Cahide Muzikhol is composed of two sections and it was opened where an old nightclub named Kervansaray used to operate. The second floor of the place is a modern mixture of a club and cabaret.

  • Nardis Jazz Club – Galata (Beyoglu)

Nardis Jazz Club is a place where live jazz-centered music is played, in which the motto is ‘Music should be listened at a club’. Nardis Jazz Club offers a concert like atmosphere while visitors can still enjoy the comfort of a club and listen to some great music by skilled musicians. The surround system and the acoustics of the space are arranged in a way to make the music sound the clearest and purest way possible.

Nardis, which can hold up to 120 people, offer fingerfood plates, steak and chicken served with various types of sauce, spaghetti with a unique sauce, and salads in its rich menu.

Lastly, a singer from abroad performs at least once a month in a local rhythm section and if you don’t want to miss such a concert, you are advised to make an early reservation.

Best Night Clubs in Galata, Istanbul


Nardis Jazz Club

  • Frame Nisantasi – Sisli

Frame Nisantasi has been inside Macka Democracy Park since 2009 and it offers entertainment while you enjoy an Istanbul view. At Frame Nisantasi, visitors can expect a different kind of entertainment every day.

On Tuesdays, special live performances are performed while special parties take place on Wednesdays and you can expect percussion and trumpet show on weekends at Frame Nisantasi. It’s also the place that brings the best DJs in Istanbul to its guests.

Best Nightlife in Nisantasi, Istanbul

best night clubs in Istanbul for nightlife

Frame Nisantasi

  • Klein – Taksim Square (Beyoglu)

Klein opens at 23:00 on Fridays and Saturdays and it’s at a walking distance to Taksim Square.  Klein was opened where a movie theater operated in the 1970s. Klein is open until 4:00 a.m. in the morning where you can enjoy international DJs that play electro and techno music while you can also try special cocktails.

Best Night Clubs in Taksim, Istanbul



  • Sess Nisantasi – Sisli

Sess Nisantasi has always served its guests in the same place and at the same high quality, but you should note that beer or raki is not served at this place.

Sess opens at 22:00 but you can enjoy it until 03:00 in the morning. Apart from the hall at the entrance, you can also stay in a private room downstairs. And you are advised to make a reservation in advance to find a place at Sess Nisantasi if you want to go there on weekends.

Best Night Clubs in Sisli, Istanbul

best night clubs in Istanbul European Side

Sess Nisantasi

  • Jungle 8 – Levent (Besiktas)

Jungle 8, located in Levent, boasts a “Wild Forest” theme design and you can enjoy its music by famous DJs on Friday and Saturday nights. Moreover, a world-famous DJ also performs once a month at Jungle 8.

The place opens at 23:00 and it closes at 04:30 in the morning.

Popular Nightclub in Istanbul


Jungle 8

Best Nightclubs in Istanbul by Serhat Engul


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