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Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul

Topkapi Palace Entrance Fee, Opening Hours, Fast Track Tickets

Topkapı Palace is the best Ottoman Palace reflecting the origins of Seljuk Turks in Central Asia. It was commissioned by Mehmed the Conqueror in 1460 and Ottoman sultans and royal family lived there until 1856.

A reflection of classical Ottoman architecture, Topkapı Palace fell out of favor in the 19th century because it was not considered suitable for state protocols and ceremonies. During the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid, Dolmabahce Palace, built on western style, started to be used so Topkapı Palace became “Old Palace” but it was not completely abandoned.

When the Ottoman Empire was stretched to three continents and reached its widest borders, strong monarchs like Suleiman the Magnificent was accommodating in this humble palace. The Palace consists of four large gardens and a structure immersed with nature. A visit to the palace takes 3 hours on average.

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View of Bosphorus from Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace entrance fee

Topkapi Palace Fourth Couryard Bosphorus View

Topkapi Palace Museum Visiting Guide

Topkapi Palace contains four courtyards. Ticket is not required to get into the first courtyard. Ticket offices located at the end of the 1st courtyard. (On the right side) You may find an excellent description of the courtyards of Topkapı Palace from the first to the fourth.

First Courtyard of Topkapi Palace

  • Hagia Irene Church, Topkapi Palace Museum Shop, Ticket Offices

Description: When you enter the First Courtyard from the monumental gate, the first thing that attracts the eye is the magnificent Bosphorus view. But don’t be hasty.

You will see even more beautiful sceneries within the palace. On the left side, there is a nice restaurant called Karakol Restaurant. (Old Police Building). Just next to it majestic Hagia Irene Church, built at the same time as Hagia Sophia by Emperor Justinian.

First Courtyard provides a nice walking path covered with trees and flowers. When you approach the second monumental gate, you will see ticket kiosks on your right. With the spring coming, lines get longer and longer. Therefore you may think of getting fast track Istanbul Museum Pass or hire a private tour guide for priority access.

Note: A passage to Istanbul Archeological Museum is to the west of this courtyard

Second Courtyard of Topkapi Palace

  • Imperial Council, Clock Collection, Weaponry Section, Palace Kitchens.

Description: After you pass through toll gate and security point, you may look at the miniature models of the palace to understand the real size of the Topkapı Palace. The first model shows the complete palace complex and the second one shows the inner courtyards, the core of the palace.

Behind the models on the east side of the courtyard, you may see huge chimneys. These are the kitchens capable of feeding 3000 people a day. You may see inside video about Ottoman palace kitchen and distinguished Chinese porcelain collection.

The most distinctive place at the second courtyard is Tower of Justice and Imperial Council below it. The most important decisions about the empire stretching to three continents were taken here. In the grand vizier room, there is elegant hand-made clock collection.

The red brick room includes a weapon selection with collection from many centuries. The entrance to Topkapi Palace Harem Rooms is in this courtyard, just at the center of the western wing, next to the council. If you enter Harem here, you may get out at the fourth courtyard.

Topkapi Palace Imperial Council
Topkapi Palace opening hours

Imperial Council – Istanbul Topkapi Palace Entrance Fee

Third Courtyard of Topkapi Palace

  • Audience Hall, Outfit Collection, Treasury, Sacred Relics.

Description: The beautiful gate that can be seen while passing to third courtyard through the second one is the Gate of Felicity. At the entrance of the third courtyard is the Audience Hall where the sultan accepted the guests. Outfit selection and treasury ward can be seen on the western wing of the courtyard.

There are four treasury rooms. However due to restorations, it is seldom that four of them are open. Spoonmaker’s Diamond (Kaşıkçı Elması) and Topkapı Dagger (Topkapı Hançeri) are the most famous and valued items, which can be seen in Treasury IV room.

You may see Prophet Moses’ staff, Prophet David’s sword, hand of John the Baptist, mantle of Prophet Muhammad in the Sacred Relics room.

Topkapi Palace Treasury Renowned Topkapi Dagger
Topkapi Palace visiting days information

Topkapi Dagger- Istanbul Topkapi Palace Entrance Fee, Opening Hours

Info about visual: Famous “Topkapı Dagger” is in one of treasury rooms. The Topkapı movie released in USA in 1964. Peter Ustinov starred. Band of thieves try to steal the dagger from the palace.

Fourth Courtyard of Topkapi Palace

Mecidiye Kiosk, Wooden Sofa Kiosk, Baghdad and Revan Kiosks, Summer Kiosk

Description: On the eastern wing of the courtyard, there is an incredible Bosphorus and Istanbul view in front of Mecidiye Kiosk. At the center of the yard, there is a wooden kiosk called Sofa Kiosk and a large garden. Sports competitions were held between palace dwellers in this garden.

In the western wing of the courtyard, there is a magnificent Golden Horn view and Baghdad Kiosk, Revan Kiosk and Summer Kiosk (Circumcision Room) can be seen here as well.

Topkapi Palace Konyali Restaurant – View Of Bosphorus
Topkapi Palace visiting guide

Konyali Restaurant IV Courtyard

Topkapi Palace Entrance Fee 2019

Admission fee for Topkapi Palace is 72 Turkish Lira. An extra ticket is needed for Harem which costs 42 TL. Istanbul Museum Pass is valid for the Palace and Harem visits.

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Topkapi Palace is usually packed. You spend long time waiting in the lines. You may consider fast track guided tours. You can check “Topkapi Palace Skip The Line Tour” from this link.

Topkapi Palace Opening Hours 2019

26 October – 15 April

Museum, Harem and Hagia Irene can be visited between 09:00 and 16:45

Ticket office closed by 16:00

15 April – 26 October

Museum, Harem and Hagia Irene can be visited between 09:00 and 18:45

Ticket office closed by 18:00

Topkapi Palace is Closed On

Please note that the Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays. No matter high season or low season.

Some Useful Tips For Topkapi Palace Visits

A visit to Topkapı Palace might be a bit tiring. Therefore it is recommended to visit the palace in the morning, even at the time of opening at 09:00. In this way, you will not be stuck in the lines at the entrance of the palace and treasury and you will be able to enjoy the calming atmosphere with your fresh energy.

Written by Serhat Engul

Topkapi Palace Entrance Fee, Hours, Fast Track Tickets 2019


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