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Istanbul Archaeological Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

Where is Istanbul Archaeological Museum?

Istanbul Archaeological Museum is a group of buildings inside Topkapi Palace’s borders. When you enter Topkapi Palace via its first yard, you can reach the museum by going down the road on the left side. Archaeology Museum is next to Royal Mint that is used as a showroom today.

The alternative way to reach the museum is via Gulhane Park. When you enter the monumental gate of Gulhane Park from tram line direction, you can reach the museum by walking up the road on the right side.

History of Istanbul Archaeological Museum

The beautiful main building of Istanbul Archaeology Museum was built by a French architect named Alexandre Valluary in a neo-classical style in 1897.

The French architect Valluary is a figure who contributed a lot to Istanbul’s architecture by building beautiful structures in the Istanbul Historic Peninsula and the coast of Bosphorus.

Pera Palace Hotel and Afif Ahmet Pasha Mansion in Yenikoy are such buildings built by this skilled architect.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum is located near Topkapi Palace

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Entrance Fee 2020-2021

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Main Works Displayed at The Museum

Important works like Treaty of Kadesh (between the Hittites and the Egyptians) that is regarded as the first written treaty in the world, Alexander Sarcophagus, and Greek sculptures from ancient times are displayed in the museum.

This museum was built in Istanbul in the late Ottoman era and it’s seen as one of the most comprehensive archeological collections in the world.

The Sources of The Museum

Considering how far the lands of the Ottoman Empire reached on three continents, it can be realized how important and comprehensive are the historical works gathered in Topkapi Palace and moved to this museum later.

If you wish to take a time travel in the thousands of years old Anatolia and Mesopotamia, which are accepted as the Home of Civilizations, I highly suggest you visit this museum. Its collection of art is so wide that some tour companies organize a full day tour that is exclusive to Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

Tiled Pavillion Building of Istanbul Archaeological Museum

One of the first buildings in the city that the Ottomans built is Tiled Pavillion. It was built in 1471 by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. According to the story, Sultan Mehmed built three pavillions that symbolized his rule over the East and the West.

These pavillions were built in Persian, Turkish and European style respectively. Architects and decoration masters were brought from abroad to work in building these pavillions . However, only Tiled Pavillion that symbolizes the Turkish architecture still survives today. Unfortunately, the other two magnificent pavillions were not preserved.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Tiled Pavillion

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Opening Hours

Tiled Pavillion

Who Founded Istanbul Archaeological Museum?

Famous Ottoman painter Osman Hamdi Bey contributed significantly to build the museum and gather the historical works together. He is known for his oil painting named “The Tortoise Trainer”. Thanks to his interest in art and archeology, thousands of historical works were saved from being destroyed and sold abroad.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Entry Fee 2020

The entrance fee for the Istanbul Archaeology Museum is 50 Turkish Liras as of 2020. Admission ticket is free for children under 8 years. Istanbul Museum Pass is valid in this museum. Therefore, if you buy a Museum Pass, you can visit other museums nearby with it.

The other museums where Istanbul Museum Pass is valid are Topkapi Palace and its Harem Rooms, Hagia Sophia, and Turkish Islamic Arts Museum. However, Museum Pass is not valid at Basilica Cistern.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Opening Hours 2020

The Istanbul Archaeological Museums are open to visitors between 09:00 in the morning and 20:00 in the evening from April 1 to October 1, the summer season. It closes at 18:00 between 1 October and 1 April, which is considered the winter season. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Visiting times of museums in Istanbul may change due to events and renovations. Before going to the museum, I recommend you to visit the official website of the Museum and review the latest situation.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Ticket Price and Hours


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