Sultan Suleiman’s Daughter, Sisters And Wife


Sultan Suleiman’s Wifes, Daughter And Sisters

Sultan Suleiman I (The Magnificent) was the greatest ruler of the Ottoman Empire. He inherited the throne from his father Selim I (The Resolute) and reigned for 46 years.

Suleiman was the only heir of the Selim I. Selim reigned for only 8 years but he doubled the borders of Ottoman Empire in very short time. He focused on the Middle East and conquered the Palestine, Mecca, Medina and Egypt.

Mahidevran Sultan

Suleiman initially married to Mahidevran Sultan, when he was ruling the Manisa principality as a viceroy. Tradinionally, the crowned prince should be sent to this city to learn how to rule a state. Manisa principality had a small palace and army. Young Şehzade (Prince) was training for state administration.

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent’s Wifes, Sisters, Daughter  Depicted In Modern TV Show

Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) help you grab the story of Suleiman.

Hürrem Sultan Or Roxelana

Roxelana was a slave girl from Ukraine. She was taken prisoner during the sack of her hometown by the pirates. She was sold to Ottoman Palace and became a concubine. Somehow she attract the attention of Sultan Suleiman and became his favourite lady. Later Suleiman fell in love with her and married her. It’s believed that Suleiman stayed monogamous after marrying with Roxelana.

Roxelana or Hürrem Sultan the wife of  Suleiman The Magnificent


Mihrimah Sultan

Mihrimah was the beloved daughter of Hürem Sultan and Suleiman. She has a strong influence in the Harem administration. (As Harem was lead by women) She and her mother’s influence increased when she married to the Grand Vizier (Prime minister) Rüstem Pasha.

Mihrimah Sultan the daughter of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent

Mihrimah Sultan in a painting.

Hatice Sultan

Hatice Sultan was the most favourite sister of Sultan Suleiman. The names of the other sisters were, Beyhan Sultan and Şahsultan. However Suleiman always treated Hatice Sultan with love and respect. She lived close to him especially after marrying with his best friend Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha. Ibrahim Pasha became the Grand Vizier and he is given a palace next to Sultanahmet’s Hippodrome area. Hatice Sultan and Ibahim Pasha lived there for long years. Until the unfortunate end of Ibrahim Pasha’s life. He was executed with the accusation of treason.

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxalana in paintings

Sultan Suleiman and Roxelana

Mimar Sinan

Mimar Sinan was the chief architect in the Ottoman palace during the reign of Sultan Suleiman. He served to royal family for long years and built many mosques for them.

Sultan Suleiman The MagnificentSüleymaniye Mosque

Hürrem Sultan (Roxelana) – Hürrem Sultan Complex

Şehzade Mehmed (Crown Prince) – Şehzade Mosque

Mihrimah Sultan – Mihrimah Sultan Mosques (Edirnekapı and Üsküdar)

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