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Shopping Lovers’ Paradise: Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips. How to get? What to buy? Map

Grand Bazaar is one of the biggest centers of attraction in Istanbul. Any tourist who loves shopping definitely wants to visit Grand Bazaar at the end of the culture tour. It is natural for Grand Bazaar to pique such a big curiosity in people with its huge dimensions, 60 covered streets and 3000 shops.

Strolling Through Istanbul’s Grand Covered Bazaar

Grand Bazaar In Istanbul

Grand Bazaar In Istanbul, Turkey

Should I Make a Bargain in Grand Bazaar?

Definitely yes! Otherwise you will get the product you want to buy at the highest possible price. Grand Bazaar has an eastern style, offering traditional way of shopping.

While you are walking through the labyrinth-like streets, it is inevitable to come across enthusiastic vendors trying to sell you something and the only way to buy their products in an affordable way is to bargain with them.

The most important point is to know how to bargain so that you can get the price down for most product by 20-40%.

Jewelry Shops In The Grand Bazaar

Gold and sikver jewelry on display in the Grand Bazaar (Kapali carsi ) in Istanbul, Turkey

Jewelry Shops Grand Bazaar

Do Local People Shop in Grand Bazaar?

The answer is both yes and no. Because Istanbul has a lot of modern shopping centers which can satisfy all the needs thanks to the national and international brands inside them.

Then what do local people buy in Grand Bazaar? The answer is: gold. Local folks see Grand Bazaar as a huge jeweler and Bazaar is the heart of gold market. Gold prices are commonly priced on gram basis and you can buy it there.

One can also find various golden necklaces, bracelets, rings made by the most experienced craftsmen. The price for milled gold depends on the quality of workmanship.

The only and the biggest shopping center during the Ottoman Empire period, Grand Bazaar served as a shopping center with the most variety of products for local people but today it is generally regarded as a touristic and expensive location.

Grand Bazaar Map, Gates, Directions

istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

Map of Grand Bazaar Directions and Main Entrance & Main Exit

Gate 1 is the main entrance and Gate 7 is the main exit. Süleymaniye Mosque is 10 minutes walking distance to Grand Bazaar. Spice Bazaar is down the hill through local Mahmutpasa Street Market, takes around 15 minutes.

Turkish Carpets And Rugs of Grand Bazaar
istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips Turkish Carpets and Rugs

Famous Turkish Rugs – istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

How To Get Grand Bazaar from Sultanahmet?

The Bazaar has one main entrance (Nuruosmaniye> Gate – 1) and one main exit (Beyazıt> Gate – 7). Kalpakçılarbaşı Street between these two gates is the main street of Grand Bazaar. This street is located on the southernmost part of the Bazaar and opens into many other streets on the northern direction. On the main street, there are jewelry, souvenir and spice shops.

Follow “Nuruosmaniye Street” to get to Grand Bazaar

The most pleasant road, Nuruosmaniye Street, to Grand Bazaar takes its name from Nuruosmaniye Mosque. There are coffee shops, nice restaurants and shops in this street. At the end of the road, you pass through the courtyard of Nuruosmaniye Mosque, which is an example of early Baroque style selatin (commissioned by Sultan) mosque of Ottoman period, and you reach gate number 1 of Grand Bazaar.

Getting To Grand Bazaar from Divanyolu (Tram Line) Street

Another option is to reach Beyazıt tram station either through walking or by tram via the historical street called Divanyolu and enter the main street at gate number 7. Divan Yolu was the street reaching to Byzantine Palace during Byzantine period and Topkapı Palace during Ottoman period.

Consider visiting Suleymaniye Mosque after Grand Bazaar

The most beautiful mosque of the city: Süleymaniye Mosque is within walking distance from Grand Bazaar.

How To Get To Grand Bazaar Directions Map

how to get Grand Bazaar Tips Map, Streets and Directions

How To Get Grand Bazaar Map – istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

Spice Shops Of Grand Bazaar
istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips Spice Shops of Istanbul

Spice Shops Flavours – Istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

What to Buy in Grand Bazaar?

Inside the Bazaar, you may find carpets, porcelain, leather, antique stuff, hookah, copper, silver and lead soldier, wool and cotton products, embroidered towels, and scented soaps. Such products are locally made and of top quality. Besides, there are many types of imitation bags, watches and T-shirts.

These are not original products and mostly imported from China. Some of the carpets are made in Turkey and of high quality. However some of them are imported from Pakistan, India and China and aren’t originals. One requires an expertise to be able to detect a real Turkish carpet.

Antique Shops In Grand Bazaar
istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips - Antique Goods of Bazaar

Antique Shops – istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

When and How was Grand Bazaar Built?

After the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453, palaces, mosques and bazaars were started to be built in the city. Grand Bazaar was one of the first structured to be constructed. The first structure to be built within Grand Bazaar was Old Bazaar at the center of it.

One can easily realize the difference between the walls and ceilings of Old Bazaar and the rest of the Grand Bazaar. This center has expanded very much within centuries to what we know as the Grand Bazaar now. You can see interesting antique clocks, maps and daggers in Old Bazaar.

Colorful Souvenir Shops Of Grand Bazaar
istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips - What To Buy?

Souvenir Shops – Istanbul Grand Bazaar Shopping Tips

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