Beylerbeyi Palace Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2019

Summer Palace Beylerbeyi Istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace History and Information

 Beylerbeyi Palace Entrance Fee & Opening Hours

Who Built Beylerbeyi Palace?

After the first wooden palace during Sultan II Mahmud era burnt down, Sultan Abdulaziz built Beylerbeyi Palace.

Beylerbeyi Palace was planned to be the summer house of the Ottoman sultans and as a guest house for domestic and foreign statesmen. Beylerbeyi Palace as we know today was opened by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1865.

Who is the Architect of Beylerbeyi Palace?

Beylerbeyi Palace was built by Architect Sarkis Baylan on 2500 square meters area. The Eastern wing of the palace was designed as Mabeyn-i Humayun (the Office of the Private Secretary) while the western part was designed as Valide Sultan’s Apartment (sultan’s mother).

Harem Apartment was built separately next to Valide Sultan’s Apartment, which is parallel to the sea, but it didn’t survive. The ceilings of the palace were decorated with sea and ship figures due to Sultan Abdulaziz’s passion for the sea.

 Beylerbeyi Palace Entrance Fee & Opening Hours
Beylerbeyi Palace Opening Hours

Beylerbeyi Palace, Bosphorus, Istanbul Asian Side

Why was Beylerbeyi Palace Built?

Beylerbeyi Palace was used as a summer resort by Sultan Abdulaziz for a while and it began to be used as a state guest house by his command again. The palace’s outer walls are an example of marvelous architecture, but its interior design is equally striking.

Beylerbeyi Palace was used for a short time before its conversion into a museum in Turkish Republic era. During this short span of time, it housed highly important and famous guests. There are various names from Europe and the Middle East among these foreign statesmen.

The most important guest of this palace was French Empress Eugénie. After the opening ceremony of Suez Canal, the empress came to Istanbul and stayed at Beylerbeyi Palace during her visit here. Under Sultan Abdulhamid II, Beylerbeyi Palace also served as a museum that would be visited by foreign statesmen.

Beylerbeyi Palace is located on the Asian Side of Istanbul
Beylerbeyi Palace Entrance Fee

Beylerbeyi Palace – Istanbul Asian Side

Things to See at Beylerbeyi Palace

Aside from the main building of Beylerbeyi Palace, the Yellow Pavillion around the big pool, Marble Pavillion, and Stable Kiosk to keep the horses of the sultans were built too. The octagonal covers of the two sea kiosks that belonged to Mabeyn and Valide Sultan Apartment are decorated with animal figures.

Beylerbeyi Palace is a fine example of “Coastal Palace” and Marble Kiosk has existed till today since Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839) era. This palace is also known as “Sultan Mahmud Palace” and its sides are covered with marble.

Yellow Pavillion designed to be used as a resting place is an elegant building too. Stable Kiosk is located on the last terrace of the palace and it reflects the horse culture in the Ottoman Empire. There are 20 sections on both sides of this kiosk and there are images of horse heads and eyes on the chandeliers.

Beylerbeyi Palace burnt down in 1851, but it has survived till today, unlike Ciragan Palace.

You can also see Sultan Abdulhamid II’s bedroom, study room as well as the furniture he made. After he was dethroned, Abdulhamid II lived in this palace until 1918.

Beylerbeyi Palace Entrance Fee 2019

Beylerbeyi Palace admission fee is 40 Turkish Liras, but students are charged 10 Turkish Liras. If you wish to visit the garden of the palace only to take photos, you are supposed to pay 5 Turkish Liras entrance fee.

Beylerbeyi Palace Opening Hours 2019

Beylerbeyi Palace, like other palaces managed by Turkish Grand National Assembly National Palaces Office (Dolmabahce Palace and Yildiz Palace), is closed on Monday and Thursday.

The palace is open to visit between 09:0016:30 from November to March (Winter Season) and it’s open between 09:0017:00 from April to October (Summer Season).

When a certain number of guests gather at the palace, a palace guide gives a tour to the them. If you plan to have a group tour to Beylerbeyi Palace, you are required to make a reservation in advance.

Where is Beylerbeyi Palace and How to Get There?

Beylerbeyi Palace is located on the Asian Side in Uskudar district. It’s on the Asian Side of the Bosphorus Bridge and you can also reach it via the coast road.

If you wish to take a bus, you can choose 15, 15B, 15H, 15KC, 15E, 14M or you can take yellow minibuses that operate on Kadikoy-Beykoz line and get off at Beylerbeyi bus stop.

Moreover, all the buses from Uskudar to Beykoz direction and minibuses pass by Beylerbeyi. If you are on the European side, you can take a ferry from Besiktas, Eminonu or Karakoy and reach Uskudar or Kadikoy and take a bus from there.

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