Istanbul Tourist Map, Attraction-Sightseeing PDF 2018


Istanbul Tourist Attractions Map 2018

Istanbul Tourist Map, Istanbul Sightseeing Map, Tourist Attractions Map Free PDF

Istanbul is a city with various attractions. Visitors of Istanbul majorly focus on the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. These sights are close to each other and easy to find.

To explore the rest of Istanbul, let’s check our Istanbul Tourist Map. These maps might help you find Istanbul’s hidden gems.

Istanbul Tourist Attractions-Sightseeing Map

I tried to select the best free maps of Istanbul through the internet, in order to show you touristic attractions and describe you how to find them.

  • A Map Of Istanbul’s Popular Tourist Attractions

I created this simple but handy map based on the Google Maps. This map shows the major places of interest in Istanbul. These are must-see tourist attractions for those who will stay in Istanbul for 2 or 3 days.

Istanbul Sightseeing Map 2018

Istanbul Tourist Map 2018

Places To Visit In Istanbul Old City Map

  • Map Of Istanbul By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

An illustrative map of Istanbul that shows the main tourist attractions around the Istanbul Historic Peninsula (southwest), Beyoglu Modern Istanbul (north) and Istanbul Asia Side (southeast) .

You may click this Istanbul Tourist Map to download it on your computer and study the major areas.

Istanbul Tourist Attractions Map PDF Free Download

Istanbul Tourist Attractions Map

Click on the map to zoom in or zoom out

Download PDF File of the above MAP

  • Modern Istanbul Beyoglu Vs Old City Sultanahmet

This is a great map to review the Golden Horn and Bosphorus.

Golden Horn (Halic) separates the Istanbul Old City (Sultanahmet etc.) from Beyoglu (Modern Istanbul). Both areas literally located on the European side of Istanbul.

Whereas Bosphorus separates the European Side and Asian Side of the Istanbul city.

Istanbul Beyoglu (Taksim), Sultanahmet (Old City) Map
Istanbul Sightseeing Map

Ancient harbour Golden Horn And Bosphorus Strait.

  • A Map To Help You Decide Where To Stay In Istanbul

Istanbul is a very big city with a lot of attractive hotels. you may find boutique hotels or five stars comfortable hotels in every district. It’s more important to decide Where To Stay in Istanbul. So this descriptive map might help.

Best Area To Stay In Istanbul – Hotel Districts Map

Istanbul Places To Visit Map

Where To Stay In Istanbul Hotel Districts Map

  • An Istanbul Tourist Map By Turkish Airlines

This map shows you the main places to visit in 4 or 5 days. Both Byzantine and Ottoman heritage of the city displayed on the map. Moreover climbing up to Pierre Loti Hill for having a great Turkish Tea with the view of Golden Horn; or Ortaköy Square to enjoy the view of Bosphorus like locals.

Here is a very useful Istanbul Tourist Map of Attractions. Provided as PDF file for free download.

Recommended Activities in Istanbul

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Istanbul Tourist Map PDF File For Free Download

Istanbul Tourist Map for free download

Touristic Places Map High Resolution.

Download PDF File of the above MAP

  • Large Map Of Istanbul European & Asian Side

This large scale map can help you get a grip on geographic structure of Istanbul. It shows the upper villages of the Bosphorus like Sarıyer or Beykoz. It also show the inlands of Asian Side as well as the Adalar (Princes Islands) on the southern side of the city. Kadikoy Fish Market and its surroundings are the recommended places to visit in Istanbul’s Asian Side.

Fatih (Historic Peninsula & Sultanahmet) and Beyoğlu (Taksim) are considered as the center of the city. You may also see the airports and how close or far they are located from the city center.

For instance, Ataturk International Airport is located on the west and its around 20 kilometers from downtown. On the other hand Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located in the Asian side (Easternmost of Istanbul) and its around 40 kilometers from the Beyoğlu’s Taksim Square (Hub of the city)

Large Scale Map of Istanbul – Showing Both Asian And European Sides
Istanbul Tourist Map PDF Download

Extended Map Of Istanbul with Asian Side.

  • Metro Map By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

This map shows how to get around in the central Istanbul, with Metro, Tram and Funicular connections. To get more information about the Istanbul transportation please check the links at the bottom of the article.

Istanbul Metro Map 2018 – PDF File To Download

Istanbul Getting Around Public Transport Map

Istanbul Metro Map – Getting Around By Public Transport

Download PDF File of the Metro Map

  • Galata, Istiklal Avenue, Taksim Square (Beyoglu) Map

Beyoğlu is the name of modern Istanbul’s main district. This map shows major places of interest around the renowned Taksim Square and Istiklal Street.

Galata, Istiklal Street, Taksim Square – Beyoglu Neighborhood Map
Istanbul Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, Galata Tower Map

Areas To Stay In Istanbul Beyoğlu

  • Sultanahmet Museums & Tourist Attractions Map

Everybody wants to see Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Topkapı Palace when they come and visit Istanbul. All of them very near to each other and perfectly located for a daily walking tour. These kind of classic tours usually end up at Grand Bazaar. A gigantic historical shopping place with its 3000 shops.

Istanbul Sultanahmet Old City Area Tourist Attractions Map
Istanbul Old City Sultanahmet Museums Map

Sultanahmet Tourist Attractions – Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia

  • Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Tour Map

Bosphorus is the heart of Istanbul city. Locals love watching it from the restaurants and cafés from all around the Bosphorus shores. This map show the major neighborhoods that are located near to Bosphorus. For a traveller of Istanbul, walking up from Ortakoy to Bebek strongly recommended. Most beautiful views of Bosphorus can be seen around the Ortaköy and Bebek bays.

Map Of Istanbul Bosphorus European Side & Asian Side

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise Tour Map

Useful Map for Bosphorus Cruise Tours

I hope Istanbul Tourist Map blog article would help you find your way around Istanbul.

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Istanbul Tourist Map – Atraction & Sightseeing Maps Free Download Blog Post

Istanbul Tourist Map – Atraction & Sightseeing Maps Free 2018

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