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Istanbul Metro Map

Metro and Public Transport Maps of Istanbul

The Istanbul Metro has been growing quickly for the last couple of years. It’s been extending to the fringes of both Asian and European sides. Therefore the Istanbul Metro Map should be updated often.

Major Public Transport Lines for Istanbul Tourist Attractions

  1. The Tram T1 operates between the Old City and Modern Istanbul.
  2. Metro M1 connects the Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet and Taksim.
  3. Metro M2 helps you reach Business Districts and Shopping Malls of the city
  4. Marmaray under-sea pass for passengers from Europe to Asia Sides
  5. Funicular helps you climb up to Taksim Square from Kabatas (Final tram stop)
  6. Ferry nostalgic boats that makes trips between Europe & Asia Sides
  7. Metrobus public bus with a private lane. Best to cross Bosphorus Bridge.

Introducing The Main Vehicles To Get Around Istanbul

Tram, Metro and Marmaray connections provide a smooth ride between Sultanahmet (Old City) and Taksim (Modern Istanbul) as well as the Istanbul Asian Side. It helps to avoid unpredictable Istanbul traffic.

It’s strongly recommended to use public transport all the time if possible, as Istanbul’s traffic is one of the worst in the world during the rush hours.

  • Rush Hours of Istanbul Traffic

Morning 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. – Evening 6:00 to 09:00 p.m.

Better to walk than drive!

Istanbul Public Transport Maps 2018

Make sure you don’t get stuck in Istanbul’s traffic.

Istanbul Public Transport Maps 2019

First of all, I would like to introduce you with the updated Istanbul Metro Map with latest extensions.

Istanbul Metro Map 2019

Istanbul Metro Map 2018

Istanbul Metro Map 2017 By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Please find the PDF versions of latest Istanbul Metro Maps at the bottom.

1. TRAM T1 Line

Tram is the light metro that goes on the ground. It’s extremely efficient and handy to commute between the Sultanahmet Old City and Beyoglu Modern Istanbul.

Major Tram Stops In Istanbul Old City

Beyazit (Grand Bazaar), Cemberlitas (Burnt Column), Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque), Gulhane (Archaeological Museum), Sirkeci (Train Station), Eminonu (Spice Bazaar)

Major Tram Stops At Modern Istanbul

Karakoy (Galata Tower), Tophane (Modern Art Museum), Findikli (Istanbul Cruise Terminal), Kabatas (Funicular Connection for Taksim Square)

More Details About Tram: Istanbul Tram Map T1 Line, Tickets, Timetable

Istanbul’s Tram Connects The Old City And Modern Istanbul
Sultanahmet Tram Station

Istanbul T1 Tram to commute between Old City and modern Istanbul.

2. METRO: M1 and M2 Lines

Metro M1 is mostly used when coming from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to city center. It’s easy to get from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet or Taksim with this vehicle.

Metro M2 is useful for going up to Taksim (Social center of Istanbul), Sisli (Shopping Malls), Nisantasi (Luxurious Boutiques), Levent and Maslak (Business Districts).

Istanbul’s Metro Stations


Istanbul Metro

3. MARMARAY: The Bosphorus Under Sea Pass

Marmaray has been operating for the last few years. An excellent vehicle to cross the Bosphorus. You may travel from European Side to Asian Side or vise versa.

To cross the Bosphorus, ferry is considered as primary vehicle. Because it provides a great view of the Bosphorus. (Duration of journey 20-25 minutes) If you are in hurry, Marmaray will serve you much better. (Only 8 minutes)

Marmaray Crosses From Asia To Europe Under The Bosphorus
Marmaray Metro Istanbul

Marmaray Metro Stations In Istanbul

4. FUNICULAR: Climbs Up To Taksim Square from Kabatas

This one provides a short cut from terminal tram stop (Kabatas) to Taksim Square. Kabataş tram stop is located at the sea-level. Thus funicular saves you from climbing up the hill.

While coming from Sultanahmet by tram, you need to change the vehicle at Kabatas, to use the funicular up to Taksim Squre.

Funicular Takes You To Istiklal Street
Istiklal Avenue Istanbul

Istiklal Avenue Istanbul

5. And the Oscar goes to… FERRY

Istanbul’s nostalgic ferries commute between Eminonu-Kadikoy or Karakoy-Kadikoy. Eminonu is near to Spice Bazaar and Sultanahmet whereas Karakoy is near to Taksim, Galata Tower, Istiklal Street. To get to Kadikoy (Asia Side) possible from both sides.

I strongly recommend you to visit the Kadikoy Fish Market to experience the local life and shopping. Here is Kadikoy Things To Do article for more information.

These nostalgic ferries also useful for Bosphorus Cruise Tours. Sehir Hatlari is the official company that does the long and short journeys up to Bosphorus.

Here is more tips about Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise tours

Nostalgic Ferries of Istanbul

Istanbul’s Nostalgic Ferry

What Is Istanbulkart? Is It Worth To Buy?

Definitely YES! Istanbulkart helps you save a great deal of money and time. So that you do not have to deal with annoying token machines.

Istanbul Card is basically a simple boarding pass. It provides you some discount if it’s used multiple times within 2 hours.

The Istanbul Card charges  2.60 TL for the 1st ride. Whereas the regular tokens costs 4 TL.

Discounts when used for connected vehicles:

2nd time: 1.85 TL 3rd time: 1.40 TL 4th time: 0,90 TL

More Reading about Where to Buy Istanbulkart?

Istanbulkart (Istanbul Card)
Istanbul Card Boarding Pass For Tram

Istanbulkart or Istanbul Card.

The Token Machines (JetonMatik) & IstanbulKart Loading Stations (Biletmatik)

Istanbul tram stop with Jetonmatik (token machine) and Biletmatik (istanbulkart upload machine)

Kabataş – Bağcılar > Tram T1

The T1 tram line covers majority of the touristic places. Here is the Map of Tram T1.

Istanbul Tram Map 2019

Istanbul Tram Map 2018

Istanbul Tram Map 2017 By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Istanbul Metro Lines > M1 and M2

M1 provides a budget-friendly journey to come from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. If you will be staying in Atakoy, Bakikoy or Topkapi hotels M2 line helps you get to Taksim Square and business districts.

  • The connection between the M1 and Tram takes you to heart of the Old City.
  • The connection between the M1 and M2 helps you reach Modern Istanbul.


The most popular and large shopping malls of the Istanbul also lined up along the M2 metro line. For instance: Metrocity (Levent), Cevahir (Şişli), Kanyon (Şişli) , Istinye Park (Sarıyer).

More information about Best Shopping Malls of Istanbul

Metro Map Of Istanbul 2018 High Resolution

istanbul metro map

istanbul metro map 2017

Latest Metro Map With Metrobus Lines

Roads that lead to Bosphorus Bridge has always been busy. The folk travelling from Asian Side to Europe had hard times passing through the bridge with regular bus. Therefore Istanbul Municipality built some special lanes for the Metrobus and put comfortable busses into operation.

Metrobus lines travel accross all around Istanbul’s fringes. Provides fast journey that saves you from traffic jams of Istanbul. However Metrobus being heavily used by locals, therefore it’s might be hard to get in during rush hours.

Istanbul Metrobus Map

istanbul rapid transit map with metro bus

Latest Istanbul Metrobus Map 2018

Simple Map Of Istanbul’s Most Popular Touristic Areas

This primitive map is the best that I can do. I hope you find it useful. It contains all neighborhoods that I have mentioned in this article. Good luck!

Map of Tourist Areas in Istanbul


Istanbul’s major touristic areas to get around.

Istanbul Metro Maps To Download For Free As PDF Files

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