Soho House Hotel Istanbul Review


Soho House Hotel Istanbul Review

Pera, which was historically an important place of settlement during Byzantine and Ottoman times, is now part of Istanbul’s popular district Beyoğlu. Pera Palace, one of the oldest hotels of Istanbul, Pera Museum, which hosts great art collection and Mikla, one of the best restaurants in town, are located in Pera.

We can now say that there is a great addition to the list, one of the most elegant hotels in the city. Soho House Hotel, which opened its doors in the old American Consulate, now definitely deserves to be included in the list.

Grand Rue De Pera

Grand Rue De Pera (İstiklal Avenue) in an old postcard.

History of Pera

In the Byzantine period, the settlement expanded to the north, to the other side of Golden Horn, when Constantinople reached the full capacity for additional buildings. The city expanded to Pera, which means “Far” in Greek language. Nevertheless, it was not until a few centuries later that Pera became a popular area of settlement.

After Sultan Abdülmecid moved to Dolmabahce Palace on the other side of Golden Horn in 1856, Pera and villages in the Bosphorus started to became popular.

During the late Ottoman Empire, Pera became a district where foreign embassy buildings were established. European settlers of Istanbul migrated to Pera. Nice buildings in neo-classical, Baroque, Art Nouveau styles were built.

Pera Palace Jumeriah Hotel Istanbul

Historical Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace and Agatha Christie

Along the Meşrutiyet Street, hotels carrying the traces of these architectural styles can be seen. The most famous of these is definitely Pera Palace Hotel.

Having become identical with Agatha Christie and her novel entitled Murder in the Orient Express, Pera Palace is a hotel where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, also accommodated in.

Soho House Hotel Istanbul Pera, Beyoglu, Turkey

Soho House Hotel Istanbul @Photo Soho Official Website

Soho House Hotel Istanbul

In Pera where hotels like the Marmara Pera, Palazzo Donizetti, Rixos Pera, Grand Hotel de Londres and a beautiful museum, Pera Museum, are located, a new hotel opened its door lately: Soho House Istanbul.

Converting the old American Consulate building into a hotel, Soho House has a comforting, wonderful garden. When you walk into the hotel, you’ll realize that lobby is perfectly blended with classical and modern decorations.

There is a great harmony between the garden and the lobby. Reception, bar, bookshelves and furniture on the lobby floor have been carefully chosen and they do not outshine the decoration.

After giving semi-classical decoration its due, we need to mention about another feature of the hotel: Non-members are not allowed to enter.

Privileges of Soho Club Membership

Because Soho House Hotel is dedicated to giving its members 100% privacy, it is forbidden to take photographs inside. When you think of it, you understand that it is essential for many people in the world.

Whenever Hollywood stars, famous singers, producers or politicians want to discuss private matters, they do not want to be get caught by paparazzi. Soho House and similar private clubs offer their members utmost privacy and unlimited comfort.

Soho Istanbul Interior Design

Soho House Istanbul Interior Design @Photo Soho Official Website

Soho House Facilities

Soho offers its visitors delicious Mediterrenean cuisine with Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant located inside.

Visitors can also have fun in Embassy Club which provides live music and DJ performance.

There is a Turkish Bath inside the hotel. An experience similar to the ones in historical baths in Istanbul is waiting for you there.

There is also a SPA named Cowshed Relax. One can get a massage here and relieve the tiredness of the day.

The Allis, designed for breakfast and lunch, is located on the lobby floor, which is in great harmony with the beautiful garden I mentioned.

Visitor Profile of Soho House Otel

Each foreign guest of Soho House Hotel is a successful person in his or her area of expertise. I have had a chance to assist many of them while they were in Istanbul. As a tour guide who accepted clients from different hotels in Istanbul, I can safely say that Soho House Hotel has the most peculiar visitor profile.

Guests of Soho generally choose half day tours so that they do not get tired by sightseeing all day. They prefer to see historical monuments briefly but take time to enjoy the city itself. They like walking in the streets, discover interesting places and shop like locals. They are generally fun and easygoing people.

I consider myself lucky to have met so many Soho members to be able to make an analysis of them. Because Soho House Istanbul is definitely an authentic hotel.

Soho is very centrally located. The hotel is within Pera Neighborhood of Beyoğlu.


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