Miniaturk Museum Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2019


Istanbul Miniaturk Museum

Miniaturk Museum Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2019

Miniaturk was founded by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it’s possible to see the models of architectural works of all civilizations that left their mark in Turkey.

Miniaturk was opened in 2013 and the models of works that are as early as 3000 years ago are displayed here. It’s one of the few places where adults and kids alike can spend good time together in Istanbul.

In addition to the models that are spread over a wide space, micro museums, entertainment section, and a restaurant also serve its visitors.

In the recreational space, you can find the Mini Stadium, Operated Boat, Ferry Boat, Miniaturk Travel Train, Fairy Tale Tree, Labyrinth Park and Chess Area, Miniland Kids’ Playground, and Flyride Helicopter Tour Simulation.

What Can You See at Miniaturk?

There are magnificent models of works that belong to modern Turkey’s lands at Miniaturk. However, the models displayed at Miniaturk are not limited to Turkey. All countries where the Turks have ruled since the Ottoman Empire era are also included in the collection.

There are 134 models at a scale of 1/25 displayed here to teach the history of Turkey and architecture to kids. Therefore, kids are able to come up with the height of the models. As they have a chance to observe the models from on high, they understand the architectural features of these models more efficiently.

Istanbul Miniaturk Museum is Located by Golden Horn Shores
Miniaturk Museum Entrance Fee

Istanbul Miniaturk Museum is Located Nearby Historic Peninsula

“A Small Model of a Great Country”

The motto of Miniaturk is “A small model of a great country” and one-fourth of the 60000 square meter area of the museum is composed of the models.

You will have a chance to see the models of caravansaries in Anatolia, social complexes, madrasahs, bridges, railway stations, piers, fortresses, shrines, mosques, churches, synagogues, palaces, monuments and sculptures at Miniaturk.

Recreational Space at Miniaturk

In addition to the huge area where you can see the models of works, you can also visit Miniaturk Panorama Victory Museum, open air performance area, Kids’ Playground, Ferryboat, Operated Boat, Miniaturk Travel Train, Fairy Tale Tree, Olympic Stadium and Mini Stadium of four biggest football teams of Turkey, Labyrinth Park and Chess Area. You can also have a Helicopter Simulation Tour at Miniaturk.

The Most Beautiful Works at Miniaturk

The visitors of Miniaturk have a chance to see the Temple of Artemis, which is thought to date back to 2500 years ago and one of the seven wonders of the world (see also Ephesus Ancient City) and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (see also Bodrum). Mausoleum at Halicarnassus doesn’t exist anymore. However, some of its parts are preserved at British Museum in England.

Electronic Information System

Miniaturk was the first place where the voice guide system was first applied. The voice guide system offers Turkish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, and Spanish language options.

Mini Stadium Model

Mini Stadium model is in the recreational space and it is a modern and interactive stadium which can hold up to 53000 spectators. When you insert a coin in the money box of a team you pick, the lights in the stadium are turned on, the chant of that team is played, its flag is waved on the screen, and players line up for the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the players return to the dressing room.

Miniaturk Travel Train

The Miniaturk train can accommodate up to 20 adults and kids, by which you can tour all around the area.

On the other hand, Fairy Tale Tree tells six different stories and Flyride Helicopter Tour Simulation with 3D and shooting enriched by realistic wind, rain, snow and touch effects offer Istanbul tour or a tour anywhere in Turkey.

Istanbul Miniaturk Museum Entrance Fee 2019

Miniaturk Museum admission fee is 15 Turkish Liras. Istanbul Museum Pass is invalid at Miniaturk.

Miniaturk Museum Opening Hours 2019

Istanbul Miniaturk Museum is open from 09:00 to 18:00 every day.

Where is Miniaturk and How to Go There?

Miniaturk is by the coast of Golden Horn in Sutluce and it’s easy to reach by public transportation.

If you wish to take a bus:

  • Getting From Sultanahmet to Miniaturk Museum

You can take 47, 47Ç, 47E, and 47N from Eminonu.

  • Getting From Taksim (Beyoglu) to Miniaturk Museum

You can take 36T (Cebeci-Taksim) from Taksim direction.

You can take 54 HŞ from Mecidiyekoy and Sisli directions.

You can take 41 ST (Seyrantepe-Topkapi) from Topkapi direction.

You can take TB 1 from Dolmabahce direction.

Additionally, you can take a minibus that runs on Seyrantepe-Topkapi line.

You can take Metrobus, get off at Halicioglu Station and take a bus (41ST) or a minibus and reach Miniaturk.

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