Museum of Innocence Entry Fee and Hours


The Museum of Innocence

Museum of Innocence Entry Fee, Opening Hours and Location

The Museum of Innocence, located in Cukurcuma district in Beyoglu, receives its visitors with a unique concept. Arranged just like the book by Orhan Pamuk, museum introduces Istanbul between the years of 1950-2000 through varios objects. It would be a huge loss not to see this museum, which won The European Museum of the Year award in 2014, for Istanbul lovers.

About the Novel

The novel covers a period of time between the years of 1974 – 2000, but it originally dates back to 1950’s with the flashbacks and memories of the characters. Even though it is defined as a romance, we see Istanbul and the transformation of the city over the years through the experiences, conversations and memories of the characters. The relationship between the main characters, Fusun and Kemal, opens the doors of a museum filled with memories.

Development Process of the Museum

There is a strong connection between the novel and the collection exhibited in the museum. While writing the parts of the novel, Orhan Pamuk was purchasing the objects mentioned in the novel. He collected the belongings of the main characters, newspaper reports remaining from the times that the novel covers, show cards, photographs and different objects in 20 years.

After scouting districts such as Galata and Sultanahmet for the museum, Orhan Pamuk chose Cukurcuma and bought a building called as “Brukner Apartment” dating from 19th century.

Building was designed by Ihsan Bilgin, Cem Yucel and Gregor Sunder-Plassman in 2003. Pamuk founded Innocence Foundation in 2009. Financial support was granted by European Capital of Culture Agency in 2010 and museum was opened in 2012.

Masumiyet Muzesi in Istanbul

Nobel prized author Orhan Pamuk

Why Should You Wisit?

As stated, the museum was built simultaneously as the novel progressed. In the opening, Orhan Pamuk stated that he wrote his novel by looking the objects he purchased. Arrangement of the objects was exhibited in the exact order of the book. For instance, there are 83 boxes in which objects are exhibited in the museum. These boxes represent 83 chapters in the novel and each box contains objects that belong to the same number of the chapter in the book.

It is good to note that there is a unity between the novel and the museum. In fact, the museum contains a number of incidents and details about which the novel does not mention. For instance; in the book, Kemal’s father does not gamble in Monte Carlo but this sequence appears to be in the museum.

The Museum of Innocence is not just a museum, but also a time tunnel. When you visit this museum, you will find yourself in the fiction of a novel, witnessing the last 50 years of Istanbul. Activities, conferences and conversations are held from time to time in the museum. You can visit the official webpage of the museum to get detailed information about event schedule.

We recommend you to read the novel before you visit The Museum of Innocence but it is not necessary. You will also see familiar things about “Innocence” and Istanbul.

The Museum of Innocence Entry Fee and Hours

The Museum of Innocence

Objects related to Istanbul’s history

The Museum of Innocence Entry Fee 2020

The entrance fee to the Museum of Innocence is 50 Turkish Liras for adults. The discounted ticket price for students is 35 TL. Museum Pass Istanbul is not valid at the entrance of the museum. For a better museum experience you can hire audio guide for 5 Lira.

You can visit the museum for free just for once if you have the novel. On the 574th page of the novel, you can find a free entry ticket for the museum and a map showing where the museum is. By making that page stamped, you can get an invitation and visit the museum for free.

The Museum of Innocence Opening Hours

The Museum of Innocence can be visited between 10:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening. The museum is open on Thursdays until 9 pm. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Visiting times of museums in Istanbul may change due to events and renovations. Before going to the museum, I recommend you to visit the official website of the Museum of Innocence and review the latest situation.

How to Go to Museum of Innocence?

The Museum of Innocence is close to Istiklal Avenue. First, you need to get on Kabatas-Bagcilar tramway and get off at Tophane station, you can reach the museum with a short walk toward Cukurcuma.

If you prefer to take the bus, you can take 26, 26A, 26B, 30D, 70D buses and get off at Tophane station and walk a couple of minutes. To reach to the museum from Taksim, Galata, Tophane and Cihangir districts, a ten-minute-walk would be needed.

Written by Serhat Engul


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