Rahmi Koc Museum Entrance Fee & Opening Hours


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Rahmi Koc Museum Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2019

Rahmi Koc Museum is located on the shores of Golden Horn in Haskoy neighborhood. This unique museum is the first museum in Turkey that is dedicated to the history of industry, transportation, and communications. Rahmi Koc Museum was opened to public thanks to the years of effort and investment of a real collector, Rahmi M. Koc.

Two buildings from the Ottoman era was restored and opened as Rahmi Koc Museum. One of these buildings was an anchor factory opened during a famous Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) era in Tulip Age. The other building was a shipyard that was built in 1861.

These two buildings were used as a storage house later and in the end, they were abandoned to their fate. Rahmi Koc bought these two buildings in 1991 and turned them into the first industry museum of Turkey.

  • Lengerhane Section

Lengerhane is one of the main buildings of the museum and it’s a section that gives nice surprises to its visitors. It houses really interesting collections, especially for kids. Old radios, train models, and boat pictures not only teach kids the history of technology but also create a nostalgic atmosphere for adults.

Additionally, you can also see a wheelhouse that is enlivened with sound effects. No doubt, this section will be truly unforgettable for your little ones.

  • Shipyard Section

This shipyard used to be where the regular maintenance and the repair of the city line ferries were conducted. Today, a rich collection of boats is displayed at this section of the museum.

Boats are not the only items that are displayed here. One of the richest car collections in Turkey is in this section too. The out-of-circulation cars of brands such as Rolls-Royce, Chevy, Daimler, and Tofas are displayed and they still look like brand new and attractive.

Additionally, a steam train coach, tunnel coach, nostalgic tram, and many other nostalgic mediums of transport that are deeply rooted in Istanbul’s history are displayed at Rahmi Koc Museum.

In addition to such static items inside the museum, there is a dynamic section named “How Does It Work” at Rahmi Koc Museum. In this informative section, the working principles of machines like a washing machine, dishwasher machine, and oven are illustrated.

Istanbul Rahmi Koc Museum is Located in Golden Horn
Rahmi Koc Museum Entrance Fee

Rahmi Koc Museum Historical Car Collection

What to Drink and Eat at Rahmi Koc Museum?

There are really fun cafes and restaurants to visit inside Koc Museum. The two nicest of them are Fenerbahce Ferry Cafe and Halat Restaurant.

  • Fenerbahce Ferry Cafe

Fenerbahce was a city line ferry that served to the public for years at the Bosphorus. Today, it is inside the museum and serves as a cafe. It’s a really interesting café with its amazing view and nostalgic atmosphere.

Rahmi Koc Musuem Opening Hours

Fenerbahce Ferry Cafe at Rahmi Koc Museum

  • Halat Restaurant at Koc Museum (By Divan)

This unique restaurant is one of the best places to have a meal in a great atmosphere. I had a chance to have a meal on a weekday and as it’s in a quiet area. I had a chance to enjoy the view while I had my dish and I had great fun. Both the quality of service and the taste of its dishes are high quality at Halat Restaurant.

  • Other Restaurants and Cafes

In addition to these favorite places of mine, there is one elaborately decorated British Pub, a classic Turkish cafe named Demlik Cafe, a truck converted into a nostalgic Coca-Cola Truck Snackbar, and Cafe Du Levant (Paris Brasserie) are inside the museum too.

Rahmi M. Koc Museum Entrance Fee 2019

The admission fee for adults is 18 Turkish Liras, discounted ticket price is 7 Turkish Liras for students at Rahmi Koc Museum. Visiting the submarine and a boat tour is 8 Turkish Liras. If you hold a Istanbul Museum Pass, you can get a 20% discount.

Rahmi M. Koc Museum Opening Hours 2019

The visiting hours of Rahmi Koc Museum are different on weekdays and weekends.

Visiting Hours on Weekdays (from Tuesday to Friday)

The visiting hours from Tuesday to Friday are between 10:00 – 17:00.

Visiting Hours on Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

The visiting hours on Saturday and Sunday are between 10:00 – 18:00. (1 October – 31 March)

Note: The museum is open until 19:00 between 1 April – 30 September.

Where is Rahmi Koc Museum and How to Get There?

Rahmi Koc Museum is on the Golden Horn side of Istanbul in Haskoy neighborhood. If you prefer to take a bus, you can take 47, 47E, 47Ç, 47N, 54HT, 54HŞ, and 36T and get off at the bus station in front of Rahmi Koc Museum.

Additionally, you can take Metrobus and get off at Halicioglu Station. If you wish to take a minibus, you can take one that runs on Sishane-Alibeykoy line and reach Rahmi Koc Museum easily.

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