Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu (Taksim) Istanbul


Best Hotels to Stay in Taksim

Best Hotels in Istanbul Beyoglu: Taksim Square, Galata, Karakoy, Cihangir

In my previous posts, I listed the best restaurants, breakfast places and coffee shops in Istanbul. In this post, I’ve tried to make a list of the successful hotels in Istanbul in recent years.

I hope the list will guide you in choosing your hotel. The ratings of these hotels in and TripAdvisor have been taken into account while creating the list.

The Best Hotels in Istanbul article series includes the most prestigious hotels at Beyoglu, Sultanahmet, and the Bosphorus. I hope “Best Hotels to Stay in Istanbul Beyoglu” article will give you a good idea as to where to stay in Istanbul. Let’s begin.

Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu 2020

  • Tomtom Suites

Tomtom Suites was converted into a hotel from an old Beyoglu apartment and it witnessed the cosmopolite and colorful life in Istanbul in the 19th century and it used to host French nuns and some well known Levantine families back in the days.

The hotel is located at Tomtom neighborhood that still bears the traces of those days and it offers a unique Istanbul atmosphere for its visitors. Tomtom Suites is located a few minutes away from Istiklal Street which is regarded as the heart of Istanbul and it is 15 minutes drive away from the Old City.

Tomtom Hotel boasts 20 suite rooms and offers a panoramic view of the Istanbul Old City on its terrace.

Beyoglu is one of the most suitable neighborhoods in Istanbul to observe the socio-cultural history of the city as it is where the mixed architectural elements can be vastly found.

Tomtom Suites is at one of the greatest locations to stay for domestic and foreign visitors who want to take photos in Istanbul and explore the city by walking.

the best hotel to stay in Beyoglu

Best Hotels to Stay in Istanbul Beyoglu

Tomtom Suites

  • Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace is located at the Europe Minor of 19th century that offers a majestic view that stretches from Galata Neighborhood to Old City. The hotel is at Tepebasi point in Beyoglu, which is also known as “Pera”.

Pera is a neighborhood that reflects the life perfectly during the 1800s in the Ottoman Empire. Neo-classical and baroque style buildings stand out in the neighborhood while Pera Palace Hotel is the bright star thanks to its history.

The hotel is both historical and iconic and it’s been home to tons of TV series and movies. Furthermore, Pera Palace can easily be described as the heart of Beyoglu.

Pera Palace is at a great location, at a walking distance to Taksim Square and just 5 km away from the Old City. You can take a taxi at Tarlabasi Boulevard and reach Sultanahmet where touristic attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are located.

Moreover, the hotel is also close to the historical Turkish taverns and entertainment venues in Istanbul. You should also remember that Pera Palace is in close proximity to Tunnel and Yenikapi-Haciosman metro line (Metro M2), which makes the hotel even more convenient for its guests.

Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Best Hotels to Stay in Istanbul Taksim

Pera Palace Hotel

  • Rixos Pera Istanbul

The hotel reflects the soul of Pera thanks to the view it offers and its decoration. The hotel boasts 116 rooms and 21 suites where you can enjoy the special world cuisines at its three a la carte restaurants.

Rixos Pera is nearby Beyoglu Fish Market and Cicek Pasaji and it’s walking distance to Istiklal Street and Galata Tower. The hotel is located at Tarlabasi Boulevard which makes the access to the shopping malls and historical sites nearby easier.

In addition to featuring 5 restaurants and a bar, Rixos Pera is also walking distance to the classical entertainment venues like Asmali Mescit, Nevizade and Cezayir streets at Istiklal Avenue.

Best Hotels in Beyoglu

Best Hotels to Stay in Pera Istanbul

Rixos Pera Istanbul

  • Vault Karakoy, The House Hotel

Vault Karakoy, The House Hotel has a motto that goes as “A brand new look to the Old City” which is in a central location at Beyoglu neighborhood and its rooms facing the south offers a majestic view of the Old City.

The Hotel is located at Karakoy which houses lots of cafes, restaurants, and hotels and it has transformed dramatically over the years. Vault Karakoy, The House Hotel offers an easy access to Istiklal Avenue thanks to Tunnel (operates betwen Karakoy and Istiklal Avenue each 5 mins).

Vault Karakoy is at a walking distance to Galata Tower and Karakoy Tram Station. Vault Karakoy is also walking distance to the Spice Bazaar and the Istanbul Historic Peninsula which can be seen from its rooms.

Best Hotels to Stay in Karakoy Neighborhood

The House Hotel

  • Bankerhan Hotel

Bankerhan Hotel is very close to Galata Tower and it serves its visitors with its 36 rooms and an amazing view.

Bankerhan Hotel offers a touristic stay thanks to its location that is easy to reach anywhere in Tophane, Karakoy and Galata line. Additionally, it is also close to M2 Metro Line (Yenikapi-Haciosman), T1 Tram Line and Taksim Tunnel Line, which makes it even easier to commute to wherever you wish.

Bankerhan Hotel is easily one of the best boutique hotels in Istanbul thanks to its architecture that’s in line with Galata’s historical pattern and elegance.

Bankerhan Hotel is located Cosmpolitan Galata

Best Hotels to Stay in Galata Neighborhood

Bankerhan Hotel

  • NordStern Hotel

It’s quite easy to reach anywhere in Istanbul from NordStern as it’s in the heart of Karakoy, nearby the Old City and naturally it boasts a cool view of Golden Horn. Thanks to the tram line in front of the hotel, it’s a piece of cake to travel to Sultanahmet or Dolmabahce Palace on the opposite direction.

The hotel literally sits where the Bosphorus and Golden Horn cross and it has a neo-gothic style with its fancy windows and molding ornamentals.

NordStern is equally far from the Sultanahmet and Taksim Square and it offers an amazing view of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.

NordStern Hotels boasts 20 rooms and suites and it offers a luxury stay. It’s walking distance to the Spice Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, and Sultanahmet area.

Moreover, as the hotel is next to Turyol Pier, it’s really easy to book a Bosphorus Cruise Tour. Also, you can cross the Asian side via ferries to Kadikoy.

Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu/Taksim

Best Hotels to Stay near Galata Bridge

NordStern Hotel

  • The Marmara Taksim

Founded in 1976, The Marmara Taksim is located right in the middle of Taksim Square and its location makes this hotel the most central hotel of Istanbul. Due to its location, the hotel is really close to the metro station and bus stops as they are a few minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Taksim Square is the starting point of Istiklal Avenue and it’s an ideal place to start a walk in this great city. You can easily walk all the way from Istiklal Avenue to Galata Tower and reach the Old City via Galata Bridge.

The Marmara Taksim draws attention with its suits that overviews the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.

This hotel is such an iconic structure that it can easily be seen even from the Bosphorus tour boats and even from the Asian side. Therefore, the Marmara Taksim stands out as one of the best five-star hotels in Istanbul.

Best Hotels in Beyoglu, Taksim Square

Best Hotels to Stay in Taksim Square

The Marmara Taksim

  • Lazzoni Hotel

Lazzoni Hotel welcomes its guests with its amazing Golden Horn view and it owes this feature thanks to being 20 minutes’ distance from Istanbul’s entertainment and culture centers.

Lazzoni Hotel boasts 130 rooms and it reflects neo-renaissance style with its architecture. The hotel is decorated with the furniture made by Lazzoni Furniture. Moreover, the hotel enables its guests to rent its boat named Vaporetto.

Lazzoni Hotel can be seen as a great place to start your exploration of Istanbul from where you can reach Taksim, Karakoy, and Eminonu easily.

Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu/Taksim


Lazzoni Hotel

  • Intercontinental Istanbul

Intercontinental Istanbul is opposite to the Marmara Hotel and neighbors Gezi Park that’s on the other side of Taksim Square. It stands out thanks to its majestic Bosphorus view and close proximity to the main roads and being at a walking distance to Istiklal Avenue.

Intercontinental Istanbul is also at a walking distance to Dolmabahce Palace and Istanbul Congress Center where congresses and exhibitions are frequently organized.

If you wish to enjoy a great view of Istanbul in the hotel, you can enjoy special cocktails and food at City Lights Restaurant&Bar.

We should also note that Intercontinental is always on the list of the best hotels in Istanbul.

Best Hotel to Stay in Beyoglu with view

Best Hotels to Stay in Modern Istanbul

Intercontinental Istanbul

  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Pera

Radisson Blu is a relatively new hotel at the historical Pera. It lies its back to Istiklal Avenue and oversees Golden Horn from Tepebasi Hill. It’s a neighbor to Rixos Pera and Pera Palace Hotel, which are also on our list. It can be said Radisson Blu is the easiest hotel to reach in the neighborhood as it stands right on Tarlabasi Boulevard.

Radisson Blu Pera enables its customers to reach Taksim, Istiklal Avenue, and Galata Tower in just five minutes and it also attracts attention thanks to its rooms that offers Golden Horn view.

Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu/Taksim


Radisson Blu Hotel

  • Portus House

Portus House is right in the middle of Karakoy and Tophane as well as being close to Galata Tower. Moreover, it’s a walking distance to a popular museum, Istanbul Modern.

The hotel is located nearby Istanbul Galataport Cruise Terminal where cruise ships harbor and it’s one of the reasons foreign tourists choose this hotel for one-day stay.

The tram line right in front of the hotel makes it easy to reach the touristic attractions like Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum and Grand Bazaar in the Old City.

Budget Friendly Hotels in Beyoglu/Taksim

Best Hotels to Stay near Istanbul Cruise Port

Portus House

  • Witt Hotel

Witt is nearby attractions like Galata, Cihangir, and Cukurcuma (Antique Shops Street) and it offers a unique experience for its visitors, thanks to its amazing atmosphere.

Witt Hotel reflects the intellectual atmosphere of these neighborhoods beautifully and the moment you step inside the hotel, it proves why Witt is different and remarkable.

The hotel is located in the middle of the city’s important centers like Taksim Square and Karakoy and it’s walking distance to the touristic areas in the neighborhood. However, what makes Witt Hotel different from its competitors is being the most stylish boutique hotel in Beyoglu instead of its location.

Witt Hotel boasts 18 rooms in modern retro style. The hotel also boasts a permaculture garden.

Best Boutique Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu

Best Hotels to Stay in Cihangir Istanbul

Witt Hotel

  • 10 Karakoy Hotel Istanbul

10 Karakoy Hotel brings a 19th-century building and a modern service together and it satisfies its customers with its service quality and location.

The hotel has a neo-classical style as it was redesigned to catch up with the dynamic atmosphere of Karakoy Neighborhood. The meeting of historical and modern features resulted in a spectacular hotel.

10 Karakoy Hotel boasts 71 stylish rooms as well as a great stay with its famous chef. Penthouse on the terrace of the hotel offers a great option to wine and dine at the hotel.

The moment you step out of the hotel, you find yourself at a dynamic and vibrant center of Istanbul. At the same time, you can also have a travel in time by walking through the back streets of neighborhoods like Galata and Tophane too.

Best Hotels to Stay in Karakoy


10 Karakoy Hotel

Best Hotels to Stay in Beyoglu/Taksim by Serhat Engul


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