How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram?


Sultanahmet To Taksim By Public Transport

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram Map And Directions

Traffic is the worst problem in Istanbul city. Roads are always heavily used, and traffic jams are common from 07:00 until 10:00 in the morning, and again starting 17:00 until late in the evening. This makes public transportation the best alternative.

Tram is the best choice to get to New City Beyoğlu (Taksim) from Istanbul Old City (Sultanahmet).

A lot of people still take taxis to commute between the Sultanahmet and Taksim but it’s usually not the best choice. Because taxi drivers have to drive through the coastway and that road is blocked during the rush hours. It might take much longer time than you expect.

In this article, I will try to give you the instructions to use the tram and funicular connection to get to Galata Tower or Taksim Square from Sultanahmet.

Istanbul Tram T1 Line From Sultanahmet To Taksim Square

Sultanahmet Tram Station

Sultanahmet Tram Station

From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram & Funicular

First of all you need to find the tram station in Sultanahmet. Please check the map below to find the exact location of Sultanahmet Tram Stop. You need to take the tram in the direction of KABATAS which is the final destination and terminal stop. The you can change to F1 Funicular to Taksim Square.

Where Is Sultanahmet Tram Stop?

Make sure that you see KABATAŞ on the electronic signboard of the TRAM as final destination. Do not take BAĞCILAR tram which is the opposite direction.

Where is Sultanahmet Tram Station? Direction to get to Taksim Square?

how to get from Sultanahmet to Taksim, Istiklal, Galata Map

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim – Sultanahmet Tram Stop

List Of Tram Stops From Sultanahmet to Kabataş

Here are the list of stops from Grand Bazaar to Beyoglu (Karakoy, Galata, Taksim). Sultanahmet is the most commonly used tram stop for the visitors of Istanbul Old City.

Beyazıt (Grand Bazaar) > Çemberlitaş > Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque) > Gülhane > Sirkeci (Train Station) > Eminönü (Bosphorus Ferry)  > Karaköy (Tunnel) > Tophane > Fındıklı (Cruise Pier) > Kabataş (Funicular F1 Connection)

Tram T1 Route In Order To Get Galata Tower, Istiklal Avenue, Taksim Square

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram Explanation on Map

Red Line (Tram) – Green Line (Cable Car) – Blue Line (Funicular)

How To Get To Istiklal Avenue From Sultanahmet?

Istiklal Avenue Istanbul

Istiklal Cadddesi (Street or Avenue)

How to Get to Istiklal Avenue or Istiklal Street By Tram?

There are two ways to get to the renowned Istiklal Avenue (Best Walking Street of Istanbul)

  1. Tram to Karaköy USE Funicular F2 TO Tunnel Square – South-end of Istiklal
  2. Tram to Kabataş USE Funicular F1 TO Taksim Square – North-end Of Istiklal

Istiklal Avenue is 1,5 km long pedestrian street with lots of attractions.

Recommended article for Things to do in Istiklal Street.

Map Of Taksim Square – Istiklal Avenue – Galata Tower

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram Istiklal Avenue Map

Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square Map by Istanbul Clues

How to Pay for Public Transportation?

There are two options to pay for the tram/funicular/ferry/metro fares in Istanbul.

  • Buy A Token from Jetonmatik

You can buy a token (jeton) from the vending machines (jetonmatik) If you use a token you will have to pay 4 TL per ride which is more expensive option. Keep in mind that every transfer requires you to buy a new token. (Not practical at all)

  • Use Istanbul Card (Istanbulkart)

This is a magnetic stripe boarding pass. The charge of Istanbul Card 2.30 TL per ride. There is a discount if you use it for transfers within 2 hours. Charges 1.65 TL for the second vehicle, 1.25 TL for the third vehicle.

More reading about Where to Buy Istanbul Card?

IstanbulKart Or Istanbul Card Puplic Transport Pass

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram IstanbulKart

Istanbul Card Boarding Pass valid for every vehicle credit:

How To Buy Istanbul Card

I strongly suggest you to purchase an Istanbul Card. You can load as much as money you want to this practical boarding pass.

It can be bought from one of the newspaper kiosk located next to trams stops and requires 7 Lira deposit. You can return it when you finish your Istanbul visit.

Places To Visit and See By Using Tram From Sultanahmet

  • Karakoy Cafes & Bars

A few minutes walk from Karakoy or Tophane Tram Stops.

Popular street with full of bars and cafes. You might enjoy with live music and drinks here.

More information about Things to do in Karakoy.

Coffee Shops Of Karakoy Neighborhood

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram Karakoy Bars Cafes

Karaköy Cafe and Bar Street. Located in between Tophane and Karaköy. © Serhat Engul

  • Cihangir & Cukurcuma

10 minutes walk up the hill from Tophane Tram Stop.

Cihangir is an area popular among intellectuals with its elegant and trendy restaurants and cafes. Çukurcuma street is famous for antique shops.

Istanbul Modern Museum And Tophane-i Amire Exhibition Center

How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram

Meclis-i Mebusan Tram Street – How To Get From Sultanahmet To Taksim By Tram

  • Istanbul Modern Art Museum

Within 5 minutes walk from Fındıklı Tram Stop.

Museum of modern arts. There are good samples of local art.

  • Dolmabahçe Palace

Within 5 minutes walk from the Kabataş Tram Stop.

Dolmabahce Palace is a fitting symbol of the magnificence and elegance of the 19th-century Ottoman Empire.

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