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Where To Drink Best Coffee In Istanbul

Best Coffee Shops In Istanbul 2019

There are plenty of new coffee shops opened in Istanbul recently. They define themselves as members of Third Wave Of Coffee. These boutique coffee shops are roasting their own beans and serving them with different techniques. Some of them has truly unique features.

In this article, I would like to provide you a list of Best Coffee Shops in Istanbul. These places majorly located in the cultural centers of the Istanbul city. Eminonu (Istanbul Old City), Beyoğlu, Karakoy, Sisli, Nisantasi and Kadikoy are considered as the centers of social life in Istanbul. These are the exact places to drink the best coffeee as well.

Where To Find Best Coffee Shops In Istanbul?

  • Petra Roasting – Topağacı (Sisli)

Petra Roasting is proud of serving their own coffees. The shop is opened in 2013 and became very successful. They have been roasting and blending their own special coffees.

Petra became so popular that it opened several new shops around Istanbul’s busiest districts. You may visit their shops in Şişli, Gayrettepe and Akmerkez (Etiler). Petra recently launched a newish style coffe shop: Petra Kiosk in Kanyon Shopping Mall.

Petra Roasting Coffee Shop in Istanbul
Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul - Petra Roasting

Petra Roasting Coffee Shop – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • Brew Coffeeworks – Eminonu (Fatih)

If you ever visit the Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula, you might pay a visit to Brew Coffeeworks. This place is located under the Legacy Ottoman Hotel.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel and the Historical Post Office next to it, considered as 19th Century late Ottoman buildings. Famous local architect Vedat Tek and his contemporaries, built these nice-looking buildings in the heart of the Istanbul Old City.

The coffee shop reminds the memory of Mimar Kemalettin Bey, one of the prominent figure of 19th Century New Wave Ottoman architecture. The coffee honours another person, Osman Hamdi Bey as well. He is the founder of Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Osman Hamdi was a painter himself, created the most famous painting of Ottoman Era: Turtle Trainer.

Brew Coffeeworks serves delicious Third Wave Coffees as well as snacks and delicious desserts. The food is obtained from the kitchen of a 5 star hotel: Legacy Ottoman.

Brew Coffeeworks – 3rd Wave Coffee Shop in Istanbul
Best Coffee Shops In Istanbul Brew Coffeeworks

Brew Coffeeworks – Best Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • Soulmate – Kadıköy (Asia Side)

Soulmate is located in Istanbul’s Asia Side: Kadıköy. Bahariye Avenue is considered as the most popular area to stroll through and there is a famous bull-sculpture there. This coffee shop is nearby the Bahariye and the sculpture. A very common location for the visitors of Kadıköy.

Kadıköy area is a very popular place among students. You may see people studying in this coffee shop, chatting and drinking coffee all-day-long. Soulmate is offering good Cold Brew coffee experience to its visitors.

  • Montag – Kadıköy (Asia Side)

Again in the Kadıköy Area, Montag is located near to Fish Market. I would always recommend the visitors of Istanbul to pay a visit to Kadıköy Fish Market. To experience the local life of the city and people-watching. Fish Market area is bustling with people all day.

When you get tired walking through the crowds of Kadıköy. Montag is a perfect place to give a break and drink good coffee. However, Montag is located on the upper floor of a building. You need to keep your head up, in order to find this place.

Montag is located nearby Kadikoy Fish Market
Montag Coffee

Montag Coffee – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • MOC İstanbul – Topağacı (Sisli)

MOC opened in 2014 and became so succesful. They had opened a shop in Nişantaşı (near Taksim) earlier. Soon afterwards they became a chain shop. Other MOCs locate in Bomonti, Topağacı, Yeşilköy and Aqua Florya. All of them popular corners of the city.

This coffee shop offers some special mixtures. For latte-lovers, MOC offers a unique coconat-latte. They love mixing cinnamon and coconat flavours in their coffees. Good for tasting new coffee flavours.

  • Walter’s Coffee Roastery – Moda (Kadikoy) – Asia Side

Here is a very special place, especially for the Breaking Bad fans. The waiters of Walter’s Coffee Roastery, serving the coffee just like a Breaking Bad character. Anyone would be pleased if Walter White served their coffees.

The fame of this original coffee shop attracted the attention of European Press too. A good coffee as if it was brewed in Walter’s lab and delicious Breaking Bagels come with it!

Walter’s Coffee Roastery – Located in Moda, Kadikoy
Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul Walter's Coffee Roastery

Walter’s Coffee Roastery – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • Coffee Sapiens – Karakoy

Karaköy has been transformed into a cultural-hub of Istanbul. New stylish restaurants and boutique coffee shops blossomed in the neighborhood. Nowadays one of the best shop to drink coffee in Karaköy: Coffee Sapiens.

The owners of the place defines themselves as “Coffee People”. As they are addicted to coffee, they would like to preapare the best for everybody. They have inventive roasting techniques and special blends. It is worth to try for coffee addicts.

  • Kronotop – Cihangir (Beyoglu)

Kronotop started in Beyoglu with a small shop. They joined to Istanbul Food and Drink Group and regenerated.

Kronotop is importing the best coffee beans according to the harvest time of particular coffees. Therefore they are considered as an elite coffee place among the coffee-lovers. Kronotop have spread around the city with many shops. You may find them in Ataturk Airport, Cihangir, Maslak Orjin, Allianz Tower.

Kronotop is Located in a Popular Neighborhood: Cihangir
Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul Kronotop

Kronotop Coffee Shop – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • Coffee Department – Balat (Fatih)

Balat is one of the oldest districts in Istanbul. For the last couple of years the local tourists has been discovering the charm of Fener Balat in Istanbul. Local agencies organizing tours, photographers are taking great photos in Balat’s pictuesque streets.

After all this photos shared in Instagram and social media, Balat became the rising star of the city. As it had happened in Karaköy, Balat is now one of the cultural hub of Istanbul. Coffee Department is located in the heart of Balat. It’s a perfect place to stop by during the Fener-Balat walking tour.

Coffee Department Located in Balat Neighborhood
Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul Coffee Department Balat

Coffee Department – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

  • Coffeetopia – Eminönü (Fatih)

Eminönü is considered as the central hub of Istanbul Old City. Spice Bazaar, Bosphorus Cruise pier and local markets located within Eminönü district.

If you get tiring touring in the local markets and Spice Bazaar, you may give a break in Coffeetopia coffee shop.

Coffeetopia is a Boutique Coffee Shop Next to Spice Baazar
Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul Coffeetopia

Coffeetopia Coffee Shop – Best Local Coffee Shops In Istanbul

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