Best Beaches to Visit in Istanbul 2020


In Istanbul, everyone looks for a way to cool because of rising temperatures and high humidity conditions in summer. There is a general prejudice that Istanbul is not a good place to go swimming. However, according to the sea water analysis carried out by the Ministry of Health, there are many suitable beaches in Istanbul to go swimming.

It is possible to swim and enjoy the facilities in many spots both in European and Asian sides of Istanbul. While most are free public beaches, some are paid places that offer beach club services.

Best Beaches to Visit in Istanbul 2020

Best beaches to visit in Istanbul post includes 12 spots. Most of these places are located on Asian side of Istanbul. Tough there a few good places to go swimming on the European side of Istanbul too.

Almost all of the beaches we have listed in Istanbul are suitable places to go as a family. However, some beach clubs in Istanbul are lively places to be enjoyed as a couple or with a group of friends.

1. Rumeli Kavagi

Best Beaches to Go Swimming in Istanbul

Rumeli Kavagi, as one of the most beautiful districts of Sariyer, is a nice option to go swimming. It is famous with its mussels and figs, as well as its scenery and beaches.

Rumeli Kavagi includes a lot of mussel sellers, fish restaurants and beaches such as Altinkum, Elmankum and Kadinlar Beach. Don’t forget to taste some mussels in Midyeciler Çarşısı (Mussels Bazaar), located in the entrance of Rumeli Kavagi!

2. Poyrazkoy

Best Beaches to Visit in Istanbul

Poyrazkoy shore, located on the spot where Bosphorus meets with the Black Sea, embodies sandy Poyraz Beach. Next to Anadolu Kavagi, Poyrazkoy is one of the villages that is situated in hills of Bosphorus.

Apart from Poyrazkoy Beach which has a small beach and a facility located in the entrance of Poyrazkoy, there are two more public beaches; one for only women.

Poyrazkoy Kule Dibi and Dere Boyu are the two picnic sites that you can visit. You can always find fresh and delicious fish in the restaurants. An observation tower and a castle are one of the places that you can also visit.

3. Kilyos

Where to Swim in Istanbul

Kilyos, located beyond Sariyer district, European Side of Istanbul, includes lots of private and public beaches where concerts and various activities are held at weekends. These beaches reach out from Cape of Kilyos to Gumusdere Beach. Kilyos is also suitable for sea surfing.

Solar Beach Therapy, Burc Beach, Tirmata Beach and Uzunya Beach with its camp site and activities are some of the outstanding private beaches in Kilyos.

Also, Baykus Beach (recommended) located in Gumusdere village and owned by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, shines out as one of the best beaches in that area.

4. Florya

Best Beach Clubs in Istanbul

Located in the right across of Old Florya Train Station, 800-meters-long Florya Gunes Beach allows you to rent sunbed and sunshade, play beach volley and park your car. Renting cost is also pretty affordable.

5. Buyukcekmece

Swimming in Istanbul European Side

With its sandy and shallow structure, Albatros Beach is one of the best places for you to go swimming. It offers a perfect one-day trip for those who reside in Buyukcekmece and Avcilar. You can rent sunbed and sunshade from various facilities.

6. Sile

Best Beach at the Black Sea Istanbul

Located in the Black Sea coasts of Istanbul, Sile is famous for its wide beaches. Sea is a bit rough in Sile. Buyuk Beach and Iskele Yeri Beach are the most preferred beaches. Akcakese Akkaya Beach stands out as one of the cleanest beaches of Istanbul.

Aglayan Kaya, Kumbaba, Ayazma, Imrenli, Sahilkoy and Kurfalli beaches are some of the calm beaches to go swimming in Sile. There are also caves both on shore and at sea and a lighthouse – the biggest in Turkey, second biggest in the world – that you can visit in Sile.

7. Riva

best family beach in istanbul

40 kilometers away from Istanbul, Riva is situated in between Anadolu Feneri and Sile. If you want to spend time in nature, Riva is a the right place with its wide beach and creek flowing into the sea. You can also rent sunbed and sunshade in Elmasburnu Beach.

8. Buyukada


In Buyukada, the largest of the so-called Princes Islands, you can go swimming in many private beaches and benefit from the opportunities of their “beach club” status.

Büyükada Aya Nikola Public Beach, Grand Hotel Seferoglu Facilities, Buyukada Halik Bay, Eskibag Picnic Area Beach, Büyükada Water Sport Club and Yorukali Beach are some of the clean beaches according to the analysis carried out by The Health Ministry.

How to go Buyukada (Princes Islands) Beaches?

If you are on the European Side, you can take ferries heading to Buyukada on Kabatas Ferry Station. If you are on the Asian Side, you can take ferries and motorboats heading to Buyukada from Kadikoy, Bostanci and Kartal.

Going to Buyukada from Sultanahmet or Taksim areas (European side) takes around 1,5 hours; half an hour from Asian side. It’s possible to go from Sultanahmet or Taksim to Buyukada for a daily swimming activity.

9. Sedef Island


Sedef Island is a very quiet place compared to other islands because of reduced means of transportation. This place is suitable for those who look for a quiet place to go swimming and rest their heads.

How to go Sedef Island Beach located in Buyukada?

To visit Sedef Island, you have to get Buyukada first. There is only one beach in this private property and motorboats departing from Buyukada are the only vehicles to go there.

Sedef Island Beach takes just 5 minutes on foot after getting off the motorboat. You can rent sunbed and sunshade, there is also a buffet that offers snacks such as toast and meatball.

10. Heybeliada

best beach to swim in istanbul

Heybeliada, the second most popular island after Buyukada, has a lot of beaches. Aqua Green Beach, for instance, offers accessibility by organizing motorboat services for free.

Ada Beach Club, located in Çam (Pine) Port Bay, organizes free boat service. Covered with pine forest, Degirmenburnu offers a picnic area under the trees and a quiet beach.

Heybeliada Sadikbey Beach and Heybeliada Water Sport Club are some of the clean places that you can go swimming.

If you want to visit Akvaryum Beach which is a bit more secluded compared to other beaches, you need to take Merit Halki Palas way and go down the passing called “Kablo”.

11. Burgazada


Kalpazankaya and Camakya stand out as the main beaches of Burgazada. You can swim in various spots and also visit the house of Sait Faik Abasiyanik (famous Turkish author) that was turned into a museum.

12. Kinaliada

The smallest island of the Princess Islands, Kinaliada has a beach called Kumluk that has been operating since 1993. You can reach Kumluk Beach on foot or by boat departing from the dock. Ayazma Kamo’s Beach Club has a small and quiet shore. As an alternative to sea, Ayazma Kamo’s Beach Club offers a swimming pool, and concerts are held there from time to time.

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