Best Time to Visit Istanbul 2020


Best Time to Visit Istanbul

When is The Best Time to Visit Istanbul?

Spring is simply the most convenient time to see Istanbul. Pleasant weather, beautiful tulips, purple judas trees and lively festivals. It’s best time to enjoy the beauty of Bosphorus too. Make sure that you get of of the Bosphorus tour boats to see the newly blossomed purple trees covering all around the Bosphorus.

When is the Best Time to Visit Istanbul?

High season generally start at the end of March. April, May and June are pick of the season in Istanbul. July and August is too hot. Therefore visitors prefer to go popular holiday cities of Aegean (west) and Mediterranean (south) regions of Turkey.

September, October and November again considered as high season. Winter months December, January and February are basically low season. Almost no line to popular tourist attractions, such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque. If you can not stand long lines, you may consider to come to Istanbul in winter.

Weather in Istanbul in Spring

  • Istanbul Weather in March

After a cold winter time, still chilly and windy days in Istanbul. There is no snow, or heavy rain and the sun is warmer. Everybody heads outdoors to take a walk and sightseeing. March is actually good time to travel to Istanbul because hotel rooms are available, prices are lower and crowds are smaller. Shorter lines to get into major sightseeing places.

The flowers are blooming in late March, and you may encounter to Istanbul Tulip Festival.

Istanbul Tulip Festival at the end of March

Istanbul Weather In Spring & Best Time To Visit Istanbul Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival

The International Istanbul Film Festivali begins in mid March and lasts for a month. The ticket prices are very reasonable. Watching good movies in cinema, might be a very good alternative for rainy days.

Istanbul Film Festivali or Istanbul Movie Festival

Istanbul Movie Festival

How to dress in March

The air might be cool or even chilly at some days. You better bring a comfortable light coat or windshield outdoor jacket. Waterproof outdoor equipments are much better than carrying umbrella.

  • Istanbul Weather in April

There is a shiny sun and a few rainy days in Istanbul during April.  Istanbul Judas Trees and cherry blossoms will be out all over the Bosphorus shores.  Purple Judas Tree is one of the symbols of Istanbul. Its best to take a Bosphorus Cruise Tour in spring to see all those purple hills.

Whe is the Tulip Festival in Istanbul – Late March to Early April

The other symbol of the city: Tulips. Istanbul Tulip Festival produces millions of tulips. The timeline for the festival is from the end of March to the first half of the April. It’s simply a wonderful time to visit the city. Naturally hotels are overbooked and the room prices are expensive.

At the beginning of the April, dolphins on their annual migration swim from the south (Sea of Marmara) to the north (Black Sea) They pass through the Bosphorus Strait. If you cross the Galata Bridge you might see some of them.

How to dress in April

Warm in the daytime but may be cool at night, bring a sweatshirt or a sweater and outdoor windshield jacket.

April is the Best time to Visit Istanbul


Hagia Sophia

  • Istanbul Weather in May

May usually brings perfect weather to Istanbul. Mostly sunny days and not much rain.

May is the businest month for individual tourists who like to travel on their own. There are large and small groups around as well. The prices obviously are highest. Pre-booking are essential.

Also in Istanbul, the Hidirellez Festival (Spring Celebration) held in Ahırkapı during the first week in May. This lively celebration is the modern expression of an old Turkish tradition. It’s real fun to join crowds. There lots of local musicians in the streets. People dancing and partying all around the Historic Istanbul.

The tourist season begins at the end of March, get more and more busy everyday towards the midst of June.

How to dress in May

Nice and sunny weather and not too hot yet! Perfect weather for walking tours. You better bring your comfortable summer dresses. Long sleeved shirt and sweat-shirts might be needed for cool evenings.

Celebration of the beginning of the Summer: Hidirellez Festival

best time to visit istanbul spring

Ahirkapi Hidirellez Festival

Best Time to Visit Istanbul 2020 by Serhat Engul


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