Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park Ticket Price 2020


Isfanbul Theme Park

Isfanbul Theme Park (former Vialand) Ticket Price and Opening Hours

Isfanbul Shopping Center (formerly known as Vialand) is located at Yesilpinar neighborhood in Eyup district. Isfanbul Entertainment and Living Center sits on a 600,000 square meter area that can accommodate up to 15,000 people and it was opened in 2013. Isfanbul is among the top 10 theme parks in Europe and the fifth biggest shopping center in Turkey.

Isfanbul offers entertainment, shopping and dining options together where more than twenty units such as Family Fun, Children’s Entertainment, Fun for Fearless offer so much fun at its theme park.

Jungle Park, which consists of Dungeon and Safari section that are a horror tunnel full of exotic creatures on a 5000 square meter area, offers a different kind of entertainment to the visitors.

Moreover, Istanbul Show Center has a 10,000 audience capacity, which consists of a concert and activity stage. Also, Isfanbul Castle at the entrance of Isfanbul tells visitors fairytales.

A tram also operates inside Isfanbul Shopping Center where you can find over 200 shops, dining places, and activity sections.

Isfanbul won “Turkey’s Best Thematic Entertainment Section” in Atrax Awards, “Turkey’s Best Socio-Cultural Project” in Sign of the City Awards and it was in top ten amusement parks among 800 theme parks in Europe at European Star Award 2016.

An application named “Zoom My Day” records 15-30 seconds videos of visitors in the entertainment units while they have fun. After the visitors wear a digital wristband before they take their places in the units, it needs to be scanned. The visitors, then, can buy the video records as a USB device, photo or video card or it can be shared on social media accounts.

Isfanbul Theme Park Ticket Price and Hours

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park opening hours

Isfanbul Entertainment Center

Activities in Istanbul Entertainment Center

Activities such as the mini tower, merry go round, fun farm, heli ride and ocean ride can be found in the Children’s Entertainment section. Units such as the palace swing, King Kong, heroic firefighters can be experienced in Family Fun section.

In the Fun for Fearless section, you can climb 50 meters high at Justice Tower or take the Nefeskesen ride, which has 900 seats capacity, can reach up to 110 km speed per hour.

In the Little Explorers section, a 160 meters long tunnel gives the kids an opportunity to learn their own culture by a tour. In total, there are more than 20 units in Isfanbul where handicapped kids are not forgotten. There are sections designed exclusively for the handicapped.

As every entertainment section has their own security rules and different height limits, family members may need to accompany their kids depending on the sections.

Isfanbul also offers various cafes, fast food or Ottoman kitchen options. Moreover, you can buy souvenirs for your beloved ones at one of the souvenirs shops in Isfanbul.

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park Ticket Price 2020

A day long ticket price at Isfanbul Theme Park is 259 Turkish liras. Alternatively, you can get an Isfanbul Yes Club for 399 Turkish Liras and you will have one-year unlimited access to Isfanbul Theme Park. On the other hand, the entrance fee at Jungle Park is 25 TL, while it’s 20 TL at Dungeon and Safari section.

Note: Latest update for this blog post is 16th of July 2019

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park Entrance Fee

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park entrance fee

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park

How to Buy Isfanbul (Vialand) Entrance Ticket Online?

In order to save yourself from waiting in a queue at the ticket counters especially on busy weekends, you can buy your ticket online. You can buy either one time or yearly ticket at

You can also find the tickets for upcoming events in addition to entrance tickets on the ticket purchase page. Moreover, if you buy your ticket online, you can buy Dungeon, Safari and Jungle tickets for 50 TL as a special package.

Isfanbul Theme Park (Vialand) Opening Hours

Isfanbul Entertainment Center is open to visitors between 10:00 and 22:00 every day.

How to Go to Isfanbul (Vialand) from Sultanahmet or Taksim?

In addition to the customer service at Eminonu (Sea Side of Istanbul Old City) the shuttle buses inside Isfanbul serves the visitors between 09:45 and 21:00 every hour.

Shuttle buses depart from Eminonu between 10:00 and 20:00 every hour while the buses from Isfanbul to Eminonu depart between 11:00 and 21:00 every hour.

Note: Eminonu can be reached from both Sultanahmet and Taksim areas via tram.

How to Use Public Transport to Get Isfanbul (Vialand)

If you prefer to take a public transport, you can take one of these buses: 49T, 49A, 49G, 49K, 49Y, 49E, 39O, 39D, 39Y.

You can also reach Isfanbul by car from Eminonu or Alibeykoy direction easily and park your car in the open or indoor car park that has 8,000 car capacity.

Isfanbul (Vialand) Theme Park by Serhat Engul


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