Things To Do and Shopping in Kadikoy


Kadikoy Neighborhood

Things To Do and Shopping in Kadikoy (Asian Side of Istanbul)

Known as the City of the Blind, Chalcedon, in the Ancient Greek Legend which tells the foundation of Istanbul, Kadıköy is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul.

If you are not one of those tourists who stop by Istanbul for a day only to visit, you should definitely add Kadikoy to your schedule for your second or third day. You can experience shopping like a local in Istanbul’s Kadikoy.

How to get to Kadikoy from Sultanahmet or Taksim

There are a few ways to go from Beyoglu (aka Taksim) or Sultanahmet (Old City) to Kadikoy. The primary method is through a ferry. You can also use the metro, which promises a faster but more boring journey.

From Taksim Square, Istiklal Street and Galata Tower

In order to go from Taksim to Kadikoy, you need to reach Karakoy-Kadikoy Ferry Terminal and get in a ferry that departs every 20 minutes. It is very easy to walk to Karakoy area from Istiklal Street or Galata Tower. You just need to walk downhill in the direction of the sea. As you get closer to the Galata Bridge, it becomes easier to find the Karakoy-Kadikoy Ferry Dock.

From Sultanahmet, Sirkeci and Eminonu

If you are coming from Sultanahmet, you may find Eminonu-Kadikoy Ferry Station and get in a ferry that departs every 20 minutes. It’s very easy to find the Eminonu Ferry Dock because it’s located right next to Galata Bridge. Make sure you obtain an Istanbulkart for easy access to ferries.

Alternative Way to Get to Kadikoy from Old City

Marmaray, which came into service a few years ago, is a second option. Marmaray, a subway under the Bosphorus, takes you to Kadikoy faster. However, my advice is to use the ferry. So you can enjoy the trip more and see the environment.

From Taksim or Sultanahmet to Kadikoy Map

Things To Do and Shopping in Kadikoy

Once you arrive in Kadikoy, you can easily walk to Fish Market to find local shops. You can also give a lunch break at Ciya Restaurant. You can visit Tellalzade Street which is a street of antique sellers. Then you also can find fashion shops in Bahariye Street. After half a day of strolling around and shopping, you may head to Moda which is famous for its trendy cafes and its ice cream shops.

Find The Kadikoy Fish Market from Ferry Station

Flow of Local Life in the Asian Side of Istanbul

Kadikoy Market Shopping Areas

Kadikoy Market Daily Life

Sekerci Cafer Erol – Baklava and Turkish Desserts

One of the most popular dessert shop in Asian side of the Istanbul. The shop is so busy that you can hardly find a table to seat. Eating some delicious Turkish Desserts in Cafer Erol is one of the top things to do in Kadikoy.

Sekerci Cafer Erol Shop Kadikoy


Sekerci Cafer Erol

Turkish Desserts in Sekerci Cafer Erol


Turkish Desserts

Yummy Turkish Desserts

best Things To Do in Kadikoy Istanbul

Local Desserts

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi – Turkish Coffee Shop

Here is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, where you may find the best quality freshly grinded Turkish coffee. But we come here not to drink coffee but to purchase it.

You may find the best quality Turkish Coffee in Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. There are two original shops in Istanbul. One of them is next to Spice Bazaar in Eminonu (Old City) and the other one is in Kadikoy.


Turkish Coffee Shop

Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir – Turkish Delight Shop

When it comes to best Turkish Delight, Ali Muhittin Haci Bekir is the place to go. You can visit this oldest Turkish delight shop of Istanbul (since 1777) and taste many different variety of Turkish delights and candies.

Traditional Turkish Delight Shop


Turkish Delight Shop

Pickle is an Important Part of Turkish Cuisine


Pickle Shop

Kadikoy Fish Market for Fresh Fish and Vegetables

Kadikoy Fish Market

Fish Market

Baylan Patisserie in Kadikoy

In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul was showing great social activity. Non-Muslim families in the city were very active in the fields of trade, arts and food. It is possible to see the traces of this period (19th Century) in Karakoy, Istiklal Street and Kadikoy.

The most beautiful of the dessert shops and taverns in Istanbul are the works of the Greeks. Baylan has a long-established history as one of the families of Greek origin in Istanbul.

Offering Baylan‘s delicious desserts, their old-fashioned shop is located in Kadikoy. Here you can find delicious cakes, profiteroles and chocolates. Baylan‘s more modern shop (with great Bosphorus view) is located in Bebek.

Delicious Chocolates and Cakes in Baylan

Local Food in Kadikoy

Baylan Patisserie

Tellalzade Street in Kadikoy for Antique Shopping

The Tellalzade Street, known as the antique seller street. In this street, you will see small, cute shops selling antiques collected from old Turkish houses. Tellalzade Street is a side street that goes from Kadikoy Fish Market to Bahariye Street. It is also very close to Kadife Street, the street with bars and pubs.

Kadikoy is actually one of the most popular places of nightlife in Istanbul. However, since this article focuses more on eating and shopping, I did not mention it in detail. If you want to experience the night life of Kadikoy, you can also look at the article named the best bars in Istanbul.

Tellalzade Street is full of Antique Shops

Antique Shops in Kadikoy

Antique Shops at Tellalzade Street

Best Restaurant in Kadikoy: Ciya Sofrasi

Here is the best restaurant of Kadikoy, Chiya Sofrasi. It is a place where you can find the most delicious local flavors. A delightful Turkish meze buffet and a great variety of Turkish kebabs will be waiting for you.

There is a rich Turkish meze buffet in the restaurant. You may fill your plate with any meze you’d like and the price is calculated according to the weight of mezes you choose. Even filling the whole plate will not cost you much. Mezes are healthy and delicious.

Don’t be surprised by seeing three Ciya Restaurants on the same street. It is such a popular restaurant that there are two Ciya Kebab restaurants and one Ciya Sofrasi restaurant on the same street.

Ciya Sofrasi focuses on regional flavors. Here you can find hot dishes and mezes. Ciya Kebap is a Turkish kebab restaurant as its name indicates. But the menus in all the three restaurants are the same so it would not matter which one you’d go.

Ciya Sofrasi was Recommended By New Yorker

Best Local Food in Kadikoy

Ciya Sofrasi

Turkish Meze Buffet in Ciya Kebap

What to Eat in Kadikoy

Ciya Turkish Kebap Restaurant

Map To Find Bahariye Avenue and Moda

Bahariye Street in Kadikoy for Clothes Shopping

When you finish with the Kadikoy‘s Fish Market, you may walk up to the Bahariye Street to see trendy shops of Istanbul. You may come accross international brands like Nike, Adidas, Benetton as well as some local brands like Mavi Jeans, Deriden and Hotic.

There is something for everyone in Bahariye Street and it is ideal for shopping in Kadikoy. In the meantime, do not forget to explore the passages and side streets while visiting Bahariye. For example, Opera Onur Passage is ideal for buying cheap but good quality clothes.

A Trendy Neighborhood: Moda

Moda is within easy reach from Kadikoy Fish Market. If you visit Fish Market, Bahariye Street and Moda in the order described in the article, you will see that all three are linked.

Moda is ideal for the rest after shopping in Fish Market and walking in Bahariye Street. Moda has been the meeting place of intellectual people of Istanbul in recent years. Many musicians, writers and painters living in the city moved here. For this reason, Moda attracts attention not only with its trendy cafes but also with its lifestyle.

When you go to Moda, you can choose stylish boutique cafes recently opened, as well as traditional tea gardens by the sea. In my opinion, tea gardens promise you a more local experience. The cheapest domestic fast food, Turkish bagel (Simit) and Turkish tea are a great duo. You can find them in the tea gardens.

Don’t forget to find Ali Usta Dondurmacisi while visiting Moda. Because this is one of the best ice cream shops in Istanbul and it is located in Moda.

Fenerbahce Neighborhood and Bagdat Street

There are three famous football teams in Istanbul. Galatasaray and Besiktas are located on the European side. However, Fenerbahce is the team of the Asian Side. Fenerbahce is also the name of a district very close to Kadikoy. The football team’s stadium is in this district. However, the district is more famous for its marina, cafes and restaurants. People living on the Asian side of Istanbul come to Fenerbahce for a nice Turkish breakfast at the weekend. Indeed, some of the best places to have breakfast in Istanbul are located in Fenerbahce.

Istiklal Street is the most important walking and shopping place on the European Side of Istanbul. On the Asian Side, there is Bagdat Street in the same way. We can even say that Bagdat Street is much bigger and luxurious.

Bagdat Street roughly starts from Fenerbahce and extends to the Bostanci district. You can find the most beautiful clothing shops, cafes and restaurants of Istanbul along this 15 km street.

Hope you enjoy my hometown Kadıköy!

Shopping in Kadikoy By Serhat Engul


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