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Hagia Sophia Private Tour Guide

Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tour By Licensed Local Guide

Hagia Sophia has always been a legendary building. Built 1500 years ago. Once the largest church in the Christendom.

The enthusiasm and curiosity generated by Hagia Sophia went on for centuries and it served as the largest religious building of Byzantine Empire for a millennium.

The Greek originated name Hagia Sophia means: Church of the Holy Wisdom. Nowadays the building is simply called as Ayasofya by locals.

The Dome of Hagia Sophia is certainly one of the most impressive architectural innovation in the world. Engineers and architects of present day, still admire the Hagia Sophia’s architectural features.

Built by the most famous Emperor of Byzantine Empire, Justinian, from 532 to 537. Nearly 10.000 people engaged in the construction process.

Today, Hagia Sophia is the most popular museum in Turkey. Nearly 3 million people visit it in a year.

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Hagia Sophia Private Tours
Hagia Sophia tour guide

Hagia Sophia Museum

Why Private Guided Tours of Hagia Sophia?

Every single visitor of Istanbul would want to see this magnificent building. To see the Hagia Sophia Museum with fast track advantage, you may join Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tour by Serhat Engul.

Hagia Sophia Tour With Turkish Tour Guide
Hagia Sophia private guide

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One Of The Oldest Structure In The World

This incredible temple was begun to be constructed in 532 and completed in 537. It was commissioned by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The names of the architects were Anthemios and Isidoros. Both of the architects were originated from Anatolia (Asia Minor) once the Byzantine heartland.

These architects not only built the greatest structure of the world but mesmerized the Constantinople’s folk as well. The people of Constantinople had adored their divine temple. They had took refuge when a rainstrom broke out or an earthquake striked the city.

Constantinople besieged many times, and the people of Constantinople had a bulletproof belief that the angels of Hagia Sophia would protect them. Byzantines were devout Christians and they were somewhat superstitious. That is why the Hagia Sophia is known for its mysterious legends.

Hagia Sophia Tours Escorted By Licensed Guides
Guided tours of Hagia Sophia

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Splendid Mosaics Of Hagia Sophia Worth To See

Surviving Hagia Sophia mosaics were commissioned by many Byzantine Emperors during the 9th and 13th Centuries. Oldest one among the mosaics of Hagia Sophia located in the center: Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.

You may see the most impressive examples of medieval Byzantine mosaics on Hagia Sophia’s upper gallery. The Deesis Mosaic is the most impressive one. There are also two imperial mosaics dedicated to John II Komnenos and Constantine IX Monomachos.

Deesis Mosaic Of Byzantine Empire

Deesis stage, which is regarded as the start of renaissance in Byzantine painting, is located on the western wall of Northern Gallery. John the Baptist on the right side and Virgin Mary on the left side and Jesus Christ in the middle can be seen in the portrayal. It describes the prayer of Virgin Mary and John the Baptist to Jesus Christ for the mercy of people during the Last Judgement.

Hagia Sophia Guided Tours by Locals
Private tours of Hagia Sophia

Deesis Mosaic © Serhat Engul

Seraphim Angels

Seraphim Angels are beautiful frescoes of Byzantine masters. There is a romantic legend of the medieval age related to Seraphim Angels. It was believed that they had protected the church and the city from evil. That is why people took refuge in Hagia Sophia when something unexpected happens.

Private Guided Tours of Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia private tours

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Astonishing Architectural Features

The architects originally planned a dome with 32 meters width and 49 meters height. Weight of the dome caused big problems. For the lightest bricks possible, raw material was brought from Rhodes. To stick bricks together, they invented a mortar which had never been used before. This unique mortar has been holding the structure together for 1500 years.

The architects put a full dome in the center. Supported the central dome with two half domes. They also built some quarter domes to link the dome structure to the major pillars. This was a new engineering for Medieval Age.

Did You Know That Hagia Sophia’s Dome Had Collapsed?

However the dome collapsed in 557, approximately 20 years after of construction. It’s rebuilt by an architect named Young Isidore, the nephew of the original architect. He rebuilt it 56 meters from the ground instead of original 49 meters.

Hagia Sophia Is A Part Of Constantinople Tours Of Istanbul
Hagia Sophia private tour guide

Hagia Sophia Dome

Hire A Tour Guide For Your Hagia Sophia Visit

Istanbul’s high season starts in March and lasts until the November. Especially the spring and fall are the peak of the season. Every visitor of Istanbul wishes to see the Hagia Sophia so it causes long lines in front of the Museum.

The Long Lines in front of Hagia Sophia during the High Season

Hagia Sophia fast entry with guided tour

Hagia Sophia ticket lines during the summer

Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tour By Locals

There are two ways to get into the museum fast: hiring a tour guide or purchasing Istanbul Museum Pass. Consider joining the Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tour by local guide Serhat Engul.

Half Day Sightseeing Tour is The Best!

You may also visit the Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome and Blue Mosque in 4 hours by joining the Istanbul Half Day Walking Tour. This is a private guided tour with a reasonable price.

Hagia Sophia Private Tour By Serhat Engul

Hagia Sophia Private Guided Tour 2018

Hagia Sophia Private Tours

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