Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul


Best Pubs in Istanbul

Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul Beyoglu and Kadikoy

If you like English breakfast or drinking your Irish beer while listening to Celtic music, there are many places in Istanbul that will appeal to you.

You can find such bars, pubs, and cafes that reflect this concept in Istanbul, especially in Kadikoy and Beyoglu.

If you wish to get away from the chaotic Istanbul life and feel like in England for a few hours, you should definitely have a look at the list that I’ve prepared for you. Here is a selection of Best Pubs in Istanbul, Turkey.

Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul

  • The North Shield Pub – Taksim/Beyoglu

The North Shield Pub is located in Taksim and it offers a rich menu which is worth checking out especially for its import beer. You can find Scottish, German, and Belgium beer in North Shield that reflects Irish pub culture successfully.

If you plan to visit the place, you should definitely try their cocktails that you can’t find elsewhere.

Best Pubs in Istanbul

Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul

The North Shield Pub

  • Rose Marine – Cihangir/Beyoglu

Rose Marine is an interesting place where you can find breakfast and alcohol in the same menu. Rose Marine is located in Cihangir and it’s regarded as one of the best English breakfast places in Istanbul. Additionally, its American and French breakfast menus are also impressive.

Moreover, we can easily say its drink menu is quite rich. Rose Marine is open from 08:30 a.m. to 04:00 a.m., which makes it an ideal place to spend good time any hour of the day. You should note that Rose Marine is a little pricey but that’s definitely worth it.

  • Millwall English Pub – Kadikoy (Asian Side)

Millwall English Pub is located in Kadikoy and it reflects the English pub concept duly. Millwall English Pub offers a really rich menu in which you can find 55 different import beer options, be it Ale or Irish beers. And if you are a football lover, Millwall English Pub is the place to watch Premier League games.

Its menu is not the only good thing about Millwall English Pub. We can say its food is great too. If you wish to enjoy delicious beer and food, Millwall English Pub is a great choice.

Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul

Best Pubs in Istanbul Kadikoy Asian Side

Millwall English Pub

  • Old English Pub – Bagdat Street (Asian Side)

Old English Pub is located on Bagdat Street and it’s one of the well-established English pubs in Istanbul. Old English Pub was opened in 1996 and the design of the place is similar to old English pubs, making it a successful example of English pub concept.

In addition to beer and wine choices, you can find delicious food in Old English Pub’s menu. Especially Old English Pub Burger and Spicy Sicily Burger, Old English Pub’s specials, are highly recommended.

Before You Go Any Recommended Place in Istanbul!

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Istanbul can be opened and closed very quickly. Therefore, some of the pubs I mentioned in the article may have been closed.

Even though I update the blog in December every year, it can sometimes be overlooked. Therefore, I recommend that you check the latest status of the place before you go, on Zomato or Foursquare.

  • Tom’s Kitchen – Zorlu Center (Besiktas)

Tom’s Kitchen is managed by a world famous English chef Tom Aikens and its first branch outside London was opened in Istanbul at Zorlu Center a few years ago.

Tom’s Kitchen adopts brasserie concept and you can find a wide range of dishes from the world kitchen. Tom’s Kitchen is one of the rare places that offer amazing food in any meal of the day.

You can visit Tom’s Kitchen to try classical English dishes like Beef Steak Tartar, Crab Cake, and Macaroni and Cheese. After your meal, you can go for some of Tom’s Kitchen’s delicious desserts such as Crispy Belgian Waffle and Croissant. Also, you can try Shepherds Pie, a famous English dish, at Tom’s Kitchen.

Additionally, you can have breakfast at Tom’s Kitchen. It’s a place where you can go as a family since Tom’s Kitchen offers a lot of options and the price range of Tom’s Kitchen is moderate considering its food and service quality.

Best English Breakfast in Istanbul

Best English Breakfast in Istanbul

Tom’s Kitchen

  • Bar-Ish Pub – Taksim/Beyoglu

Bar-Ish Pub is located in Beyoglu and it’s one of the popular places for the British tourists visiting Istanbul. Bar-Ish Pub’s menu is highly affordable and contrary to many places in this concept, live football coverage is also provided here.

Moreover, you can rent the place for birthday parties and other organizations.

  • Bosphorus Brewing Company – Gayrettepe/Sisli

Bosphorus Brewing Hall is managed by Philip Hall and it’s one of the rare brewery places in Istanbul. Beer at Bosphorus Brewing Company is made of hop that is imported from Nortfolk.

In this place, beer is served without getting filtered and they are made in ale concept. And despite its unique concept and taste, the price range of the beer at Bosphorus Brewing Company is moderate.

Moreover, although there are many places you can find fish&chips in Istanbul, the size of the fish&chips portion is a lot bigger compared to the others. Also, apart from classical English dishes like lamb curry and fish&chips, its seafood menu is rich too.

Besides its food and beer, the decoration and concept of the place are highly successful as well. Bosphorus Brewing Company has an authentic atmosphere that boasts a classical pub concept. No doubt, you will feel like in one of the historical pubs of England.

At this point, I would like to repeat how affordable this place is. Considering the concept, the quality of its beer and food, it can be said the prices on its menu are relatively low.

Best Irish Pubs in Istanbul

Best Pubs in Istanbul Taksim

Bosphorus Brewing Company

  • Smyrna Café – Cihangir/Beyoglu

Don’t be deceived by the name of this place. Smyrna Café is one of the places that offer the best English food in Istanbul.

Smyrna Café is located in Cihangir where you can find breakfast, main courses, drinks, and desserts in its rich menu. You should remember that you may not find its pancake served with alder syrup anywhere else easily.

The only thing that makes Smyrna Café is not its rich menu that consists of amazing food, drink, and desserts. It’s also one of the few places in Istanbul where you can be far away from the noisy and busy life of the city and have some peaceful hours.  Its fresh and calming decoration and its garden that is open in summer months make Smyrna Café a secret paradise in Istanbul.

If you are looking for a place where you can read your book and relax, Smyrna Café should be on top of your list.

  • Pirate’s Fish and Chips – Kadikoy (Asian Side)

Pirate’s Fish and Chips is located on Kusdilli Street (Kadikoy) and it’s famous for its delicious seafood. The place maintains a successful concept. Moreover, most of the customers are satisfied especially by high-quality service at Pirate’s Fish and Chips.

Pirate’s Fish and Chips, as the name suggests, boasts a pirate ship design. Not only its interior design but even its accessories like napkins have the sea theme. Therefore, Pirate’s Fish and Chips is really good in terms of its concept. Moreover, you should note that the price range of its menu is moderate too. It’s a clean, hygienic, fine, and and an affordable place.

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Best Irish and English Pubs in Istanbul by Serhat Engul


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